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posted by modernfan
She has all of the powers and weaknesses of a vampire.

Transfigured in 1492 unintentionally por Rose (unintentionally on Rose's part), she is as a result much más powerful than the Salvatore Brothers who she turned after she had been a vampire for 372 years but much less so than Pearl was who was turned sometime in the 1430s about sixty years before Katherine. A demonstration of how much más powerful than the Salvatore Brothers was when she easily defeated them in two fights with each brother. Another demonstration of her immense physical strength is when she snapped the iron shackles that...
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"I look out for myself, Elena. I'll always look out for myself. If you're smart, you'll do the same..."

Honestly, I think we can tell alot about Katherine from this line but, unlike what seems to be majority opinion, I don't think that this quote is as important to Katherine's character as many others. That said, what she says makes sense.

When Katherine trusted Elijah and found out that the ritual would still go on, she made a run for it. She couldn't trust much of anyone after that. Even poor Trevor, who - I imagine - wouldn't have betrayed her trust at all couldn't be trusted. Or, at least,...
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1) Katherine brought Damon the cure.
2) Katherine has a plan B and a plan C and a plan D and well,you know how the alphabet goes don't you?
3) Katherine is the "safest psychotic perra in town."
4) Katherine looks out for herself, she will always look out for herself.
5) Deep down, Katherine really cares about both Salvatores. (- KW)
6) Katherine doesn't need a guy to save her. End of story.
7) Katherine believes in "Better tu die than I."
8) Katherine drunk vervain for 145 years thus it doesn't hurt her.
9) Katherine isn't afraid to let loose and party when the occasion comes around.
10) Katherine...
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Stefan Salvatore
Katherine had a sexual relationship with the younger Salvatore brother, Stefan, and chose him over Damon completeley. Even though she was secretly in "love" with Damon Stefan was the guy for her. After they had sexual intercourdes and she bit him, he awoke the siguiente día and remembered that her face was like a demon. She went over to him and compelled him so that they would go on like they were before with their relationship. After Stefan asked his dad "what if some vampiros are good" Giuseppe (Salvatore brithers father) secretly poisened his drink with vervain and later Katherine...
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posted by Katherine_girl
1. she change both salvatores and we got to see them.
2. brought damon the cure for the werewolf bite.
3. is just amazing with her looks
4. has a unique style and personality
5. Has great taste in boys. (stefan,damon and maison)
7. WE ALL amor HER.
8. turned caroline :)
9. might win stefn over so delena could finally happen ♥
10. makesthe mostrar just awesome because her and elena look alike along with tatia.
Then theres the flash backsand the past with klaus. withput that past and her hanging herself no originals would be on the show. if katherine had died back then the mostrar would just be about the amor triángulo, triángulo de which is awesome but katherine just makes the show!~imagine no originals o doppelgangers and rose? that would not be TVD!!!!!!
posted by _DarkPhoenix_
Name: Katherine von Swartzchild

Nickname: Kat

Birthday: Some time during the 15th century

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Astrological Sign: Unknown

Relationships: Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore

Children: None

Parents: Baron Von Swartzchild, mother unknown

Siblings: None

Powers: Owl form, tiger form, kitten form, weather manipulation, mind manipulation, she can appear in people’s dreams

Random Facts:

As the unmarried daughter of a baron, Katherine's full título would have been The Honourable Katerina von Swartzschild

Katherine’s appearance:

Katherine looks almost exactly like...
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posted by KatherineFierce
Katherine Pierce is one of the most complex characters I have ever seen on a televisión series. She is astoundingly ruthless, creepily cold and a clever manipulator. Her tactics have ruined lives and ended more. She's the show's main fuente of pain and destruction. Every character who has met Katherine has a reason to detest her as she brings chaos to people's lives with no shame o regret. She's highly intelligent and has the ability to manipulate situations to her advantage. Her plans are usually executed with a combination of flamboyance and pure genius. The most jaw dropping reveal was...
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posted by DaniKatZ
katherine pierce
Katherine Pierce
Katherine is back!
Adventurous por nature
Two brothers rapped around her finger
Hunger to kill, drink and ruin peoples lives
Exhilarating plans that leave us wanting more
Really? Katherine’s back? We all know who the salvatores will choose though
Identical of Elena Gilbert por looks
NO sympathy to what she has done to Damon and Stefan
Evil BAD-ASS b***h

Plays por ‘no’ rules
Innocent little Katherine Pierce…NOT!
Extremely selfish in every way possible
Ripped two brothers apart
Compelling to watch
Excitement going through her when she knows she’s fooled everyone!
posted by Myruna
Katherine Pierce (born Katerina Petrova) is a vampire from the Salvatore brothers' past in 1864. In season one she was a recurring character but she was elevated to a lead role in season two due to her return to Mystic Falls. In The Vampire Diaries Season Two Katherine was the main antagonist of the first 7 episodes then a tragic villain due to Elijah coming to town. She had compelled Stefan to drink her blood, and Damon did it willingly and they got shot while trying to save her from being taken to the tomb to be destroyed. It was later revealed that she created most of the tomb vampiros and later sent her friends and family to their deaths just to fake her own.
Look, I’ll say this. Katherine may have dicho that she loved Damon because it would rattle Elena. But, what seems to confuse people is her behavior in 2x21-2x22 — in comination with these words. Hence, it’s very much a statement like, “I don’t get it! First, Katherine loves Stefan forever (and ever, amen!) and then she loves Damon. Katherine’s confusing!” that tends to circulate around the fandom.

But, I’ll agree there.

She’s an enigma, and I don’t deny that.

That said, I think that what you’re pointing out is actually pretty simple, and just wasn’t told to tu throughout...
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Katherine Pierce
Katherine Pierce (born Katerina Petrova) is a vampire from the Salvatore brothers' past in 1864 and the main antagonist of the first 7 episodes ofThe Vampire Diaries in Season Two. She had compelled Stefan to drink her blood, and Damon did it willingly and they got shot while trying to save her from being taken to the tomb to be destroyed. It was later revealed that she created most of the tomb vampiros and later sent her friends and family to their deaths just to fake her own.
This character is a member of the Pierce Family.

Early Life
Katherine's human life is vague other than...
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posted by twilightlover73
I thought of a lista of things that would have never happened if Katherine wasn't here, and I came up with a good bunch.

1. Without Katherine, Stefan and Damon would have stayed human and died a long time ago.
Katherine made Stefan die and become awesome, and with that he turned the Damon we all amor into himself. So she practically gave us the hot, badass Damon we all adore so much.
2. If it wasn't for Katherine, Elena wouldn't have been even born.
If Katherine didn't have a Baby and that baby didn't have a baby and that baby didn't have a baby etc. there would have been no Elena would there?
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posted by LilSweetsOmega
“ I want what I want Stefan, and I don’t care what I have to do to get it. My lista of victims is a long one, and I have no problem adding one más name to that list. ”
— Katherine Pierce

Katherine Pierce (born Katerina Petrova) is a vampire and former lover of Damon and Stefan Salvatore. She is first shown in flashbacks, mostrando her physically romantic relationship with the Salvatore brothers, eventually turning them, but was captured por the townspeople of Mystic Falls to be destroyed.

However, behind her sweet nature, Katherine revealed her deceptive side and escaped her would-be death...
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posted by Nian87N
tu lived 500 years ago
and tu never thought that its time to go
into the heavens is where tu belong
but you're a vampire,with fangs so long

tu were born in the 15th century
to a baron and his woman,who now has a duty
as a child they amor tu very much
they gave tu everything even servants at lunch

Your name was Katerina
a beautiful name for an ángel like thee
but one incident changed everything
tu got pregnant,a stupid thing

Your parents found out
your father disowned tu and kick your butt
walking in the woods,a man found you
his name is Klaus,he knows what to do

tu found out what he really wanted
to drain your blood into a stone,he wants tu dead
he wanted to kill you,but tu fought
escape his vengeance,you never thought

*This is only the first five stanzas,my whole poem is at least 32 stanzas.....should i post more..........
"I win, what`s my price?"
Katherine Pierce, Season 1, Episode 06 - lost Girls

"You have no idea of the future I`ve planned for us Stefan. You, me and Damon. No rules."
Katherine Pierce, Season 1, Episode 06 - lost Girls

"Hello, John. Goodbye, John."
Katherine Pierce, Season 1, Episode 22 - Founder`s día (Season`s Finale)

"We haven`t officially met. I`m Katherine."
Katherine Pierce, Season 2, Episode 1 - The Return

"I`ve been around for a long time, Bonnie. tu have to do better than that."
Katherine Pierce, Season 2, Episode 1 - The Return

"I thought that after the last time we met a más public place...
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 Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries begins on September 15th on the CW 8/7c(8:00pm Eastern Time and 7:00pm Central Time USA).
Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries begins on September 15th on the CW 8/7c(8:00pm Eastern Time and 7:00pm Central Time USA).
Hello fellow TVD fans!We are less than a week away from episode 3x01 titled "The Birthday"and I know that the excitement is too much to handle.Lets recap a little bit ,shall we?

Waaaaaay back in May "As I Lay Dying"was one of the most anticipated episodes of season 2 and there is a reason why!Actually scrap that...There were many reasons!
1.The Ripaaaaah! - Stefan was responsible for Damon becoming a vampire in 1864 so when he found out that his brother was bitten por a werewolf he felt obligated to find a cure.Even if [To quote Katherine Pierce in 2x22]he had to sacrifice everything including...
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Season One
Elena Gilbert bares as a striking resemblance to Katherine and that was the initial reason Damon and Stefan Salvatore were so drawn to her.
Damon revealed that she died when soldiers set fuego on civilians in a church in 1864. Which was briefly mentioned during Elena and Stefan's History class. It was revealed that Katherine was a vampire during her stay with the Salvatores and was the one who changed Stefan and Damon.
It was thought that Katherine was alive and has been trapped with 26 other vampiros in a mystical prison under a church for 145 years until Damon freed those trapped...
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I’ve heard quite a bit about Katherine only wanting Damon for the challenge – and, I’ll admit, Katherine likes playing games with Damon a lot más now that he gives as good as he’s getting – but I see some…not-so-crackfic changes in Katherine’s behavior that, to me, say a bit more.

Looking at Katherine in 2x01 – 2x17, tu can easily see that Katherine always has a plan to save herself, and that plan comes before anything and everything. She taunts Damon, insults him, mocks him – anything she can do to get a bad reaction and get him to believe she’s telling the truth. Now,...
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Physical Appearance
Katherine is described as Elena's doppelganger, this is observed por almost every character in the mostrar and even Elena herself. Katherine is described as being very beautiful, slim, and selfish with brown eyes seaking something to quench her thirst. Sometimes Katherine can be seen cool and cold por her appearance. She is portrayed as rather vain about her looks, and has no problem using her beauty to get what she wants. Pearl later reveals that when the vampiros were captured in 1864, and a guard let Katherine go free; Pearl tells Damon that,"he was obsessed with her." Stefan...
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Attitude toward humans
In 1864 she stopped and fed on the passengers of a coach mostrando Damon, before he was fully turned into a vampire, how it is done, taking sadistic pleasure over the cochero being so concerned about the safety of a lone lady on the road at night. She wickedly smiled at him, thanked him for his concern and then fed on him (Children of the Damned), clearly mostrando that all humans were to her, was comida and amusement at that time. However, it is known that even then she could find humans as potential mates. It is a fact that she had a sexual relationship with both Salvatore...
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