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If tu like justin bieber and tu want his number tu came 2 the right place!Me kylie jenner have met justin and got his number.And i didnt just say can i have your phone number.We are best friends and we text each other alot.Dont text him any más because he lives in canada tu have to pay 25 cents each text calling him is much better cause tu can her is vioce if tu want his phone number send me a message in my bandeja de entrada saying can tu give me his number o i need justins phone number i would give it 2 tu on chat but haterz would get the number! thanks for reading
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
When tu close the front door shut after you, the first thing tu hear is faint sounds. tu think nothing of it and walk into the cocina to put the groceries away. For all tu know, it could be Justin watching a movie o your perrito, cachorro snoring. While humming Small Bump por Ed Sheeran to yourself, tu put the last bit of today’s shopping away into the refrigerator. “Babe?” tu call quietly as tu take of your red flats. When tu don’t get an answer, tu peak into the living room only to find it empty. Your brows meet on your forehead as tu make your way upstairs, still looking for your...
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Just the same as many of you, we here at BOP and Tiger Beat always wonder what kind of girl Justin Bieber looks for! He has openly dicho that he is currently single and that he is looking for a girl who is a mix between Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole! If you’re not familiar with Cheryl, she is in girl band Girls Aloud and she’s also a judge on The X Factor, a reality mostrar in England! Justin said, “Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry are two of the hottest girls in the world, and so normal and funny with it… I want a younger version of Cheryl and Katy!”
A few days hace Justin spoke to estrella Magazine about how his parent's splitting up effected him.

Now Justin has spoken about the subject again the magazine Twist. There he dicho that divorce really hit him hard.

It was a tough time in his life and he shared how he got through it, turning his pain into hope. He knows lots of other teens have divorced parents and wants to share his experience with them.

Here we have tu the good that came out of the divorce, the song Down to Earth which was written about this time in his life and is dedicated to his dad.

To see what he said, pick up the new issue of TWIST! Do tu think hearing Justin's experience will help other people who are going through the same thing?
Justin Bieber chatted with TWIST about the intense emotions he went through when his parents divorced: 'My parents splitting up is definitely not one of the highlights of my life. It’s sad, (in a divorce) the kid experiences feeling like one of his parents left. It makes tu not feel so good.' Justin felt abandoned when his dad moved out but as he grew up, he was able to let out all his pent up emotions through songs: 'The most personal song I’ve written is ‘Down to Earth’ because it’s about how my mom and dad división, split up when I was at a young age. It’s just about everyday life and how there are struggles.' Now Justin’s shared his song, he's come to accept his parents’ separation: 'I think a lot of kids have had their parents división, split up, and they should know that it wasn’t because of something they did.' Also, why Nick Jonas is feeling like the third wheel!
Your grip tightens around the strap of your shoulder bag as tu walk through the doors of your school. Your gaze flickers around nervously while tu walk as discreet as tu can towards your locker. A tiny sigh of relief escapes your lips when tu reach your look, still in once piece. That feeling of safety does not last long though because when you’ve retrieved your libros and are on your way to your first class, tu hear someone call out your name. tu recognize the voice immediately and tu feel your body freeze in place. As much as tu want to run away - you’re not able to. tu stand...
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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Together At Billboard Awards

Justin, 19, and Selena, 20, are both sitting in the front row, just ahead of American Idol judges Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson and Keith Urban.

“U wanted proof @justinbieber & @selenagomez @billboard seats r 2gether? Here u go!” tweeted backstage spy Brad Bessey, along with this picture.

Justin is planning on canto his romantic song “Take You,” and it looks like this is a romantic gesture to win back Selena.

Selena shocked fans when she dicho in a radio interview May 10 that she was “available,” and we learned that she...
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 This made me tear up, I amor you, sweetheart. ♥
This made me tear up, I love you, sweetheart. ♥
Interviewer: "Do haters get in your way, o do tu just ignore it?"
Justin: "The only thing that haters say that annoys me, is that I don't care about my fans. They says I use my fans and pretend to care about them. What is even más of a stab to the heart, is when my Beliebers believe them. It's not true, At all. They think it doesn't hurt, but it does. They probably think I don't see it, but I do. I see everything they say. I'm a teenager, I'm always on the internet. I see the haters, the Beliebers; the fans that leave me... They leave and say hateful things because they think I won't ever...
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posted by coolkatstar
Elliott David How tu doing?
Justin Bieber Doing tired, man.
ED You’ve only been in town for a couple of days?
JB Just yesterday. I got in the night before.
ED That’s rough.
JB It’s rough, but that’s what we do.
ED How often do tu go back to Canada?
JB Hardly ever. I’m going to go back and see my family during Thanksgiving. But other than that, I don’t really go back.
ED I read once that tu try to take off one to two days a week. Does that still happen?
JB I try to take one now. When I’m releasing an album, I don’t really get time off because I’ve got to work to promote the album....
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posted by selenagomezfan7
Ohh wooaah (3x)
You know tu amor me,I know tu care
Just shout whenever, And I'll be there
You want my love, tu want my heart
And we will never ever ever be apart

Are we an item? Girl quit playing
Were just friends, What are tu saying
Said theres another, Look right in my eyes

My first amor broke my corazón for the first time,
And I was like
Baby, baby, baby ohhh
Like baby, baby, baby noo
Like baby, baby, baby ohh
I thought youd always be mine mine

Baby, baby, baby ohh
Like baby, baby, baby noo
Like baby, baby, baby ohh
I thought youd always be mine,mine (oh oh)

For you, I would have done whatever
And I just...
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posted by ShiningsTar542
Would tu buy a perfume designed por Justin Bieber? Soon tu will be able to. He is coming out with a perfume called My World.

This will not be any old perfume bottle. It is going to be something totally special with special accessories.

There will be one fragrance and it will be unisex (!) and completely designed por Justin Bieber.

My World will be coming out soon, just in time for Christmas, on the 26th of November at the US store called Wal-Mart.
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Is this foto a bit weird o what girls? It doesn't quite look like the Justin we know and adore.

Here is what the magazine had to say about their touch ups:

The picture is from the Portuguese magazine Todateen who went a bit overboard with the photoshop on JB's picture. He almost looks like a doll, o like he is wearing make-up.

"We would like to say that there was no change made in the area of the singer's eyes. We had a technical problem that darkens certain areas of the photo."

"We also want to say that all of us find Justin very naturally beautiful. We'd never think it's necessary to alter pictures of him. Natural beauty says it all, right?"

What do tu think about it? Have they gone too far? Are they even telling the truth?
posted by MarylovesSelena
Justin Bieber has admitted he hates being single but dicho he has a hard time meeting potential dates. In a new interview, the 16-year-old revealed: "I'm single but that's not a choice. I want to find a girl… It's going to be really hard to find a girl who likes me for me." As for his ideal woman, the Baby singer admitted he fancies Cheryl Cole. "I met her in London," he said. "She's my type. She's really hot. If I were older we would date. I'm just too young. It sucks."
"You see a lot of celebridades dating other celebrities," Justin added. "They get what you're going through." In other Bieber...
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posted by justweng
Justin Bieber is not a regular 15-year old boy. He already has singles on the Billboard Hot 100, 10 million hits (and counting) on his personal YouTube account, and he hangs out with R&B superstar Usher. A self-taught singer, dancer and musician (he plays the guitar, drums, paino and ttrumpet) who still maintains his 4.0 average in school, Justin is made of pure talent. Not to mention a boyish charm that sent tweens, and even some adults, swooning.
It seemed that his journey to success was already paved for him. He joined a local canto contest called Stratford Idolat the age of 12. Though...
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Before he was wooing girls with a flip of his hair, Justin Bieber was playing adelante, hacia adelante for his local hockey team.

Like any good Canadian boy, Justin played hockey as a child growing up in Stratford, Ontario. This photo, taken for the 2002-2003 hockey season for Bieber’s team, the Stratford Warriors, shows Justin snarling as he poses with his big hockey stick. At just 8-years-old, Justin looked like he was a fierce little competitor!

Biebs has never been shy about mostrando his hockey roots. “I amor hockey,” Justin told ABC’s Nightline in March of last year. “I played hockey all my life. I’m a [Toronto Maple] Leafs fan.”
posted by rizwansait1
"Boyfriend"-Justin Bieber Lyrics.

[Verse 1]
If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let tu go
I can take tu places tu ain't never been before
Baby, take a chance o you’ll never ever know
I got money in my hands that I’d really like to blow
Swag, swag, swag, on you
Chillin' por the fuego while we eatin’ fondue
I don't know about me but I know about you
So say hello to falsetto in three, two, swag

I’d like to be everything tu want
Hey girl, let me talk to you

If I was your boyfriend, never let tu go
Keep tu on my arm girl, you’d never be alone
I can be a gentleman, anything...
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posted by ImUnbroken
"One Less Lonely Girl"

Alright let's go

There's gonna be one less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
There's gonna be one less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
One less lonely girl

How many "I told you"s and "Start over"s and shoulders have tu cried on before?
How many promises? Be honest girl
How many tears tu let hit the floor?
How many bags tu packed
Just to take them back?
Tell me that how many either "or"s?
But no más if tu let me inside of your world
There'll be one less lonely girl

(Oh oh) Saw so many pretty faces before I saw tu (you)
Now all I see is you...
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posted by maritina12345

Oouch! Sel won't wear Justin Bieber‘s perfume!

Someday, his new scent, appeals to many but not to the woman closet to his heart.

“Selena has got a bottle but she stopped wearing it when she realized Justin’s mother was wearing it too,” revealed a fuente close to the teen couple.

“Selena doesn’t want to smell like Justin’s mom and she feels the scent is más for his fans anyway.”

Well, maybe that makes sense. But how will Justin take this? What do tu think Wambie girls? Should Sel wear the scent o not?
posted by lol1
theres a hot gie that loves to ging about girls some people meke fun of him others amor him i am one of those people. the gie who every one loves is the one the onley justin beiber. people who heat his guts are just jelous the songs por this wonderfull pearson are the world greatest lyrics preformed por the worlds greatest gie hes hot and sweet and has a great smile any girl would be lickey to have him as there man. a short story about him he became famouse of of u tube he has an awlsom personality i amor tu justin tu rock my world
posted by lindalautner101
do u have BIeber FEVER !!!??? o in deeeeppp amor with Taylor Lautner!!! but every día when ur parents walk into ur room whether to telll u cena is ready o tht it's time to wake up..go to sleep...welll u get it ... they shake their head in disgrace when they glance at tha posters on the muro of your favorito! band o welll OF CORSE....JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!! ( giggle!) i know tht when my mom does that i roll my eyes and think 2 myself if she only understood !! i mean if parents understood how we teens felt then maybe we'd b going to alot más concerts ...or maybe instead of five wimpy posters...
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