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Justin Bieber chatted with TWIST about the intense emotions he went through when his parents divorced: 'My parents splitting up is definitely not one of the highlights of my life. It’s sad, (in a divorce) the kid experiences feeling like one of his parents left. It makes tu not feel so good.' Justin felt abandoned when his dad moved out but as he grew up, he was able to let out all his pent up emotions through songs: 'The most personal song I’ve written is ‘Down to Earth’ because it’s about how my mom and dad división, split up when I was at a young age. It’s just about everyday life and how there are struggles.' Now Justin’s shared his song, he's come to accept his parents’ separation: 'I think a lot of kids have had their parents división, split up, and they should know that it wasn’t because of something they did.' Also, why Nick Jonas is feeling like the third wheel!
Even though tu try, it’s obvious that tu don’t suceed. The tears run down your already tear-stained cheeks as tu clutch the covers even tighter to your body. tu inwardly yelled at yourself - ashamed that you’re still crying. tu don’t want to be, but tu just can’t help it. Sniffling, tu bury your face into the almohada and this movement causes Justin’s familiar cologne to fill your nosestrils. tu look over at his side of the cama and although tu know what’s waiting - your corazón still sinks when tu notice it’s empty.

You and Justin had a huge fight and when tu look back...
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posted by imaginebieber
Which four peoplw would like to be in my compation 7 rounds
round 1- Justin bieber at 16
round 2- Justin bieber 2012
round 3 - Justin photoshoot
round 4 - Justin and selena
round 5 - Justin one time video
round 6- justin young
round 7 - shirtless
first 4 to comentario will be in the compation good luck
Round 1 open
round 2 closed
round 3 closed
round 4 closed
round 5 closed
round 6 closed
round 7 closed
these rounds shall open every week so there is always a picture to findxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

posted by ImUnbroken
Justin Bieber soon to release his segundo book Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started.

In Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started, beliebers will get up close and personal with Justin through exclusive fotos and frases as he takes them behind-the-scenes on his tour and shows them what goes into recording an album. fans will be able to nab an insider look at his life when he documents everything in his new book this fall!

Justin tells UsWeekly: “I’m so excited to be working on another book with HarperCollins. Being able to share my story with my fans through these libros is an absolute privilege....
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posted by JaniceloveJB

Hello evert 1
I am Bieber's Chinese fan

so happy to know evry Bieber's fan

I am so so happy lol

I always 2 talk with somebody

but them dunno like 2 talk with me

i am so sad

My English name is Janice
I am 16

I amor Bieber so so so much~

I wanna make friend o talk with everybody



My twitter is @JaniceloveJB Nd can write letter to my e-mail my e-mail is leeplay@163.com

everybody follow meeeeeee plz lol
The Jonas Brothers are going to have to fight to keep a hold of their popularity, now that another musician has come to steal the hearts of girls everywhere.

tu know who we are talking about. Yep, Justin Bieber, who has won over thousands of fans internationally.

And what do the Jonas Brothers think of Justin? They had never dicho anything about him, until now...A few days hace Nick told the magazine J-14 that there is only room for one JB on the stage. So how should we refer to Justin Bieber? According to Nick, Bustin Jieber would be the best bet, that way no one will confuse the JB of the Jonas Brothers and the JB of Justin Bieber!

We hope he was joking, but what a mess anyway! It looks like the Jonas Brothers are a bit jealous of Justin Bieber.
- Eppie & Justin Bieber

If you were my boyfriend I'd never let you go...
We can go to places we ain't never been before...
Let's take a chance cuz we'll never be broke ...
I've got words in my heart I'mma say'em in the snow...
SWAG. SWAG. SWAG. Me and you...
Will be kissin' by the fire while the people go ...
I'mma make you love me , and you know I love you...
The world's ideal lovers'll be me n' you...   

"I like JB... He's everything I want...
Haters... Go to freakin' he'll..."
If you were my BOYFRIEND...
I'd never let you...
I'd hug you all...
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posted by LogieBearGirl
If I could take away the pain
And put a smile on your face,
Baby, I would, baby, I would
If I could make a better way,
So tu could see a better day,
Baby, I would, baby, I would.

I would build a doorway to the sky and hand tu the keys, yeah.
Let tu know that you're always welcome so that tu never leave, oh
Buy tu all those fancy things that tu only see on TV, yeah
Run away to a hideaway, we'd be living the American Dream

And I know it's never gonna be that easy
But I know that it won't hurt us to try, oh.

If I could take away the pain
And put a smile on your face,
Baby, I would, baby, I would.
If I...
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posted by LogieBearGirl
Hey, what's the situation, whoa?
I'm just tryna make a little conversation,
Why the hesitation, whoa?
Tell me what your name is? For your information,

Don't get me wrong
You know you're right,
Don't be so cold,
We could be fire
Tomorrow we go,
Let's start tonight
You know what it's all about

I can take tu out, I can take tu home
I can take tu oh-oh-oh where tu wanna go
I can pick it up, we could take it slow
I can take tu home
I can take tu out, I can take tu home
I can take tu oh-oh-oh where tu wanna go
I can pick it up, we could take it slow
I can take tu home

I might have a reputation, oh oh,
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posted by shafiqua
Girl, I'm ready, if you're ready, now
Ooh, is it ever gonna be?
If you're with it, then I'm with it, now
To accept all the responsibility
I'd go out of my way
To live por the words that tu say
I don't wanna be the same ooh whoa
Maybe tu could change me
Maybe tu could change me ooh whoa
Maybe tu could be the light
That opens up my eyes
Make all my wrongs right
Change me, change me
change me oh yeah
Don't fight fuego with fire
If I'm screaming, talk quieter
Understanding and patience
Feel the pain that I'm facing
Be like Serenity
Help me position my mind
Take a chance, make a difference in my life
Maybe tu could change me (oh)
Maybe tu could change me
(Maybe tu could change me ooh hoo)
Maybe tu could be the light (you could be the light)
That opens up my eyes (opens up my eyes)
Make all my wrongs right
Change me, change me
change me oh yeah
Girl, I'm ready, if you're ready, now
Ooh, is it ever gonna be?
If you're with it, then I'm with it, now
posted by shafiqua
Girl I've been fooled por your smile
I was mistaken por the way tu loved me
We led it straight for a while, yeah
But tu deceived me, tu convinced me, yeah

So clear to me now, can't explain what you're doing to me, yeah
I'd leave but I don't know how
It's gon' take some time
But I'll figure it out

Why should we fight the feeling
Let's just live in the moment
Though it's infatuation
I'm good with that

Cause I'm in amor with the thought of you
With the thought of you, with the thought of you
I'm in amor with the thought of you
Not the things tu do, but the thought of you
Girl, I'm in amor with the thought of...
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posted by bieber-epidemic
Justin's middle name is Drew.

He shares the same birthday with ke$ha - 1st March.

Teenage boys are paying $150 to get Justin's hairstyle!

Justin's My World album went platinum only 3 months after it was released.

Justin gains an average of 207,788 fans on facebook a week.

As of October 2009, Bieber accumulated over 9 million YouTube channel views.

When he was 12-years old finished segundo in a local canto competition called Stratford Idol.

Originally started posting videos so that his friends and family could watch him perform.

Justin can play the drums, guitar, paino and trumpet.

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posted by biebersmexy
I've been there with Justin ever since he was Kidrauhl. I remember seeing and hearing Justin sing for the first time on his video of him canto With tu por Chris Brown. Then when he became famous, I remember seeing him on Yahoo news as "Phenomenal kid sings the National Anthem" so I recognized his face and looked him up on YouTube and at the moment his only two singles that were out was One Time and One Less Lonely girl. Now he is 18 and I have to say our Bieber is growing up extremely fast. But he will forever be kidrauhl. The kid that loved to sing and wanted to send videos to his family...
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linkThe hearts of every single guy will possess a uniform complex, for example, the authentic neutral temperament extremely uniform nursing uniforms, airline attendants put on uniforms with specific favor, once the trofeos are also additional for the designer's bold imagination, it looks withwith a hint of charm, the temptation of uniforms of the color, flavor and taste is heading to be staged, o wild o sexy, queen of the effective gasoline area overriding the oxygen above, in fact, the hearts link of every single guy how a great deal of there are numerous SM tendency, which can be menthe preferred...
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"Eenie Meenie"
(with Justin Bieber)

[Sean Kingston:]
Eenie meenie miney mo
Catch a bad chick por her toe
If she holla (if, if, if she holla) let her go

She's indecisive
She can't decide
She keeps on lookin'
From left to right

Girl, come a bit closer
Look in my eyes
Searchin' is so wrong
I'm Mr. Right

You seem like the type
To amor 'em and leave 'em
And disappear right after this song
So give me the night
To mostrar you, hold you
Don't leave me out here dancin' alone

You can't make up your mind, mind, mind, mind, mind
Please don't waste my time, time, time, time, time
I'm not tryin' to rewind, wind, wind, wind, wind
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posted by ShiningsTar542
Selena doesn’t care where she goes, as long as she's with Justin Bieber.

“We don’t even think about where we go. We just like being together,” she said.

However, Selena admits it can be “tough” living her life and having a relationship in the spotlight...

“I just try to continue to be as normal as possible. Of course it’s tough sometimes, but I’m going to be with whomever I want. That’s living my life,” she said.

When things get too much, she has learned to shut out the world por sleeping.

“I close the curtains and shut out the world,” she said.

Selena also says Justin is a romantic!

“Yeah, he is romantic. He gave me a bottle of his new perfume the other day. I’m not really a one-fragrance kind of girl though. I like all kinds,” she gushed.

source: showbizspy
posted by TayTayBieber
2 years hace today I found this small town kid of like 32,000 people who grew up to be my hero. He grew up
in front of my eyes and I'm proud to say I've supported him through it all. :) <3 I've supported him through
every song, every album, and every video girl. "One Time", through "One Less Lonely Girl", through "Love Me", through "Favorite Girl", through
"My World", through "Baby", through "Never Let tu Go", through "U Smile", through "My World 2.0",
through "Never Say Never", through "Somebody To amor Remix ft. Usher", through "Pray",
through "My Worlds Acoustic", through "Next 2 You", through...
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posted by Dorito23
Up Lyrics

It's a big big world (World),
It's easy to get lost in it,
You've always been my girl, Oh,
And i'm not ready to call it quits,
We can make the sun shine in the moon light,
We can make the grey clouds to the blue skies,
I know it's hard,
Baby believe... me...

That we can't go nowhere but up,
From here,
My dear,
Baby we can go nowhere but up,
Tell me what we got to fear...

We'll take it to the sky pass the moon to the galaxy,
As long as you're with me Baby
Honestly (Honestly),
with the strength of our love,
We can't go nowhere but up...

It's a big big world (World),
And i'm gonna mostrar you...
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posted by Dorito23
That Should Be Me Lyrics


Everybody's laughing in my mind,
Rumors spreading 'bout this other guy,
Do tu do what tu did when you
did with me?
Does he amor tu the way I can?
Did tu forget all the plans
that tu made with me?
'cause baby I didn't!

That should be me,
Holdin' your hand,
That should be me
Makin' tu laugh,
That should be me,
This is so sad,
That should be me,
That should be me,
That should be me,
Feelin' your kiss,
That should be me,
Buyin' tu gifts,
This is so wrong,
I can't go on,
Till tu believe that,
That should be me


That should be me,
You dicho tu needed...
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When Justin kissed Selena in the Caribbean, many fans and Justin's mom, Patti Mallette, were upset. Justin's producer, Scooter Braum, gives his two cents.

Ever since the besar fotos came out, Justin and Sel have been getting a lot of heat!

According to our the mtv US Team, when asked about Bieber's rumoured relationship with Gomez, Braun replied: "Everyone says I'm ignoring a certain issue that tu all want to know about."

"Everybody wants to know something. Here's what I'm going to tell you. This kid travels a lot and I always told him, I was always like, 'You shouldn't be in a relationship unless tu can give someone everything.'"

He added: "I know that him and the person you're asking about are really close friends and have been for a while. As far as I know, that's what they are."

source: mtv.co.uk