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despues de vario rumores de amorios con la actris Park Shin nos queda una duda nuestro galan salio o no con la actris mencionada . Ya que se escucho una invitacion de parte de jang a park para un almuerzo con su madre . lo cual nos dejaria esperando prontas respuestas de actor ante tal asunto esperemos q aga precensia pronta . Ahora lo dejo en ustedes espero sus comentarios y sugerencias sobre el tema .ahora les hace una pregunta estamos listos para ver a nuestro galan casarse esperemos q no aun jang todavia no no porfa
Having been involved as the main opponent in the serial drama “You’re Beautiful”, Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye seems to still make friends fairly familiar. Both are still likes to spend time together in their busy schedules, respectively.

Both familiarity shown por Jang Geun Suk in LINE official account on Friday (07/06). Jang Geun Suk also showed off a foto of himself that was enjoying a bowl of roasted Daechang o intestines. Both are rumored to eat together at a restaurant owned por Park Shin Hye’s mother.

The actor who is currently escritura focus is singing, “Eating large portions...
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August 26, 2013 in Press artículos por Springsuk_USA

Jang Keun Suk’s Zikzin Fes” has attracted 80000 attendees, produced another miracle.

3 years ago, Jang Keun Suk self planned this “Zikzin Fes” makes people realize he is the Asia Prince who can shake the whole Asia. His achievement is already over one person’s artistic value, but más of a Jang Keun Suk brand reputation.

On Aug 03 and 04 in Osaka, Zikzin Fes had 39000 people came to the expo, on 24th and 25th, in Tokyo Makuhari had double sized, so total has attracted 80000 people. The festival is made por Jang Keun Suk just as its name...
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The lady who got so luck at Tongyi Wuhan fan Meeting publicado on weibo: Yes, she is the one got back hug from JKS, and front tight hug from him and he kissed his fingers and put kiss on her lips....... (talking about luckiest anguila in the world). Her message is really sweet.

"I want to confirmar that I'm not a Japanese eel. I'm a mama anguila who like JKS for 2 years! Everybody if tu know how much Prince loves Chinese eels, that's enough! I was real lucky to be chosen, there is no under mesa, tabla business for that! tu just wait for your "RP" (this means luck, I guess) explode one day!
When I was held por prince so tight in his arms, I kept repeating: I amor tu I amor YOU...now I look at the picture, I feel he was listening with his corazón and touched."

Shared Story of An anguila in this photo.

credit: weibo via springsuk_USA
Actress Park Shin Hye and actor Jang Geun Suk‘s casual tweet conversation stirs the web.
Park Shin Hye tweeted on the 16th, “I lost every data on my phone while upgrading. I just woke up hahaha! I’m so sad. Ah Daebak. Ahhhh!.
Soon after Jang Geun Suk tried to console her por replying ‘What will we do’. Then a little later Jang Geun Suk tweeted a foto of a text message he received from Park Shin Hye which said, “Oppa.. I lost everything on my phone while upgrading it. Send me your number”.
After seeing the two stars’ casual conversation the fans commented, “It’s so cute to see them like that”, “It’s great that the two have such good relationship”, “Shin Hye unnie and Geun Suk oppa I amor you”, and so on.
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“You were almost there… just one más step and tu would’ve found me.” – Shin Woo

“Even in a place where reporters and fans don’t chase after me, why is a pig chasing me?” – Tae Kyung

“I told myself I couldn’t see you, but you’re someone who draws the eye. But if I see you, it hurts and makes things tough for me. After only living at the convent, I came to live in this land of stars and was hit por electricity and lost my senses. I flew up right into the heavens and then crashed down to the ground. Fireworks exploded in my head and in one moment a thundering rainstorm crashed...
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Naissance :

Jang Geun-suk (né le 4 août 1987 dans le District de Danyang, coréen : 장근석) est un acteur, chanteur, danseur et mannequin sud-coréen. Il est surtout connu pour le rôle de Hwang Tae Kyung dans le drama You're Beautiful (2009), aux côtés de Jung Yong Hwa et Park Shin-hye, et ainsi que pour celui de Kang Mu Gyul en 2010 dans Mary Stayed Out All Night, série télévisée romantique, avec Moon Geun-young.

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