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Na NaNaNa… Na NaNaNa…

kyoushitsu no kokuban ni
kaita moji
zenbu kieta keredomo
minna de egaita seishun wa
zettai! mou kienai
omoide sa!

kimi to deaeta koto wo zettai ni wasurenai
donna ni tooku
itsumo atarimae no tu ni minna issho ni ite
kurai wadai datte
warai ni kaeta mitai ni

utsumukanaide waratte yukou!
sayonara, mata ne!
(mata ne!)
utsumukanaide waratte yukou! sayonara
mata ne!

bokutachi no kage ga nobiru
koutei ni mirai no tane wo umeta
itsuka ooki na ki no shita de
zettai! mata minna de atsumarou!

kimi to deaeta koto de umarekawaretanda
konna jibun wo
suki ni nareta
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posted by arham1234
 Gouenji Naomi
Gouenji Naomi
Name: Gouenji Naomi/Claire Blaze
Personaliy: Kind, Encouragable , smart ,lovingly, cheerful, and will do anything to play soccer.
Best Friends: Kiyama Hiroto and Midorikawa Ruyiji (both childhood friends)
Siblings: Brother: Gouenji Shuuya(elder) Sister: Gouenji Yuuka(younger)
Looks:Red long hair,and red eyes, and she dresses a red dress.
Hates: getting betrayed and aliens( and believes that al don’t even exist)
Loves: canto and making música with instruments, spending time with her siblings.
Does on free time: Plays soccer secretly when the Yokatos are not with her.
An allrounder
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Inazuma Eleven Players:

Japanese English
-Kakeru Megane/William Glass
-Teppei Kurimatsu/Tod Ironside
-Ryugo Someoka/Kevin Dragonfly
-Gounji Shuuya/Axel Blaze
-Kidou yuuto/Jude Sharp
-Fudou Akio/Caleb Stonewall
-Sakuma Jirou/David Sanford
-Koujirou Genda/Joseph King
-Fubuki Shirou/Shawn Frost
-Ichirouta Kazemaru/Nathan Swift
-Hiroto Kiyama/Xavier Foster
-Nagumo Haruya/Claude Beacons/Burn
-Fuusuke Suzuno/Bryce Withingale/Gazelle
-Ryuuji Midorikawa/Jordan Greenway
-Kogure Yuuya/Scotty Banyan
-Tachimukai Yuuki/Darren Charles
-Kira Hitomiko/Lina
-Kudou Fuyuka/Camelia
-Haruna Otonashi/Celia Hills
-Aki Kino/Sylvia Woods...
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✿ Tenma’s Avatar, Demon God Pegasus, has an evolved form, named Demon God Pegasus Arc
✿ Hakuryuu from Shine version’s avatar is Holy Beast Shining Dragon
✿ Shuu from Dark version’s avatar is Darkness God Dark Exodus

3DS Dark VS Shine Specifics
✿ Endou’s wife is Fuyuka
✿ Characters involved in the story: Kazemaru, Fudou, Kabeyama

✿ Endou’s wife is Natsumi
✿ Characters involved in the story: Hiroto, Midorikawa

Upcoming anime developments:
✿ Raimon’s 2nd opponent in the Holy Road is Hakuren Jr. High
✿ Fubuki is Hakuren’s former trainer, but he’s unable...
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posted by celia-chan
Shindou Takuto (神童拓人) is a main protagonist of the Inazuma Eleven GO series. He was a forward, in the past, and midfielder and also the captain for Raimon (GO). After he got hospitalized, he decided that Matsukaze Tenma should become captain for Raimon.
In the Chrono Stone series, he became a defensive midfielder for Raimon, Entaku no Kishi, El Dorado Team 02, also being captain for the team, and for Chrono Storm.

In the Galaxy series, he was chosen to be a defensive midfielder of Japan's team, Shinsei Inazuma Japan. After the truth was revealed behind the FFIV2, he became a midfielder...
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posted by lubasakura
Fei Lune (フェイ・ルーン) is a main character in the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series. He plays as a midfielder for Raimon. As SARU made him remember his past, he re-joins Feida and becomes captain of Garu.

Background: When he was a little child, he was abandoned por his father though he had a gift that was a plushie toy, but Fei hated it and threw it away in anger. Because of this, he had a hard time speaking about family things, and would rather not talk about it, just like how Tenma asked whether he had siblings.

Fei as a child, sad because his father abandoned him
Also, because...
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posted by celia-chan
He is very tall and has a dark skin. His hair is coloured rosado, rosa and sticks up a little. He wears white and blue goggles but doesn't wear it often, unless at sea, surfing. He wears the Oumihara uniform, but later on wears the Raimon uniform, then the Inazuma japón uniform.
His casual clothing at the fifth ending song contains a light naranja camisa, camiseta with a darker naranja for shorts and he wears a black bracelet that's knotted and he wears sandals.
In GO game, his hairstyle is quite similar to his younger form. He is also a lot taller now and is shown to have started wearing glasses and wears a blue...
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Endou is sleeping in his cama quietly with no sound then starts having a nightmare.

Endou finds himself standing in a martial arts stadium with misceláneo people cheering and screaming.

Endou “Where am I and what is going “? He wonders.

Then a man holding a microphone, known as the announcer from Dragon Ball Z, addresses the audience.

Announcer speaking in his microphone “Al-right fans lets get the first match on the road”. Points at Endou, “Here we have our newest competitor Endou Mamoru”.

The audience cheers and screams.

Endou *shocked* “What? But I never enter for a Martial arts tournament”....
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Yui and the other children are playing soccer in the field. Yui sees that a boy is sitting at a corner in the field. Yui runs at him and says, “Hey, I am Yui. Do u want to play soccer with us.”
Sven, “Hi! I am Sven, of course. I will play with u”
Hiroto, “welcome, Sven. Lets play soccer together.”*Hiroto passes the ball to Sven*
Sven, “ok, lets go”
Yui, * thinking, “I wish this time u are with us, brother.”*
Hiroto, “Come on, Yui. What’s wrong?”
Yui, “nothing. Let’s go.”
………to be continued………
posted by ShadowProve13
Sai: Hello and welcome! On with the IE interview! *Sits in chair* And our guest is *Drum roll*...Edgar Valtinas!

IE Cast: Boooooooo!!!

Edgar: *Ignoring the crowd* Thank tu all! Your cheering for me is wonderful! *Takes a sit*

Fudou: *In audience* Dude, what crack is he on? O-o

Sakuma: *Elbows him in the side*

Fudou: What the fuck was that for?! x-x

Bjorn: *Turns around to Fudou* Shhhh!

Sai: So Edgar, tu do realize that I know tu paid the producers over $900 to be here on the show.

Edgar: *Shakes head* On the contrary, the producers asked me to be here, so I just gave them a big tip.

Sai: LIAR!...
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Uchikudaaku ! uchikudaaku! (daaku daaku) Bokura no iku michi de Totsujo ayashiku semaru kage

(daaku daaku) Masshiro na haato wo Kegasou to suru kuroi kage

Kokoro wo mote asobu yatsura wa yurusanai!

Ikute wo habamu no wa itsumo Jiban jishin no kokoro no yowasa daro? Mayou na! iku shika nai Sore igai michi wa nain da to Yami ni sakenda!

Mamoru mono ga nani mo nai yori Mamoru beki mono ga aru hou ga tsuyoi "mamoritai!" to maji ni naru toki Bokura wa hontou ni Tsuyoku narerun da! Uchikudaku!

(daaku daaku!) Sono te wa nanno tame, nani wo mamoru tame ni aru no ka? (daaku daaku!) Mune ni te wo ate ima,...
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posted by Mikoto23
Kidou Yuuto/Jude Sharp

hitomi ni utsuru sekai no subete
RUURU shirazu no
GEIMU datte
shouri no megami mikata ni tsukete
kachi tsuzukerunda
RENZUgoshi tsunagatta
haru no komorebi no tu na
shisen itsudatte souyatte
omotte kureru aitsu no tame ni mo
zettaiteki ni attouteki ni tayasuku
shihai shite miseru
mondai nai sa yatte miseru
kono GEIMU
mikiwamete iku
motto miru beki fukami
wo hitomi ni kanjite
namida wa iranai kao wo ageyou
shinjiru michi wo
tsuranukun da
kowaresou datte ha wo kuishibatte
makeru ki wa shinai
kore kara mo
MONOKURO na kodoku e to
hikari wo torimodoshite
kureru sasayaka na yorokobi wo...
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posted by celia-chan
Akane, just a typical girl who has castaña, castaño brown hair and lila colored eyes and likes to take pictures especially if her subject is none other then Shindou Takuto o Shin-sama as she always calls him, was walking around the school to find some other subjects for her pictures when she heard someone whistling. She followed the sweet sound only to find her beloved Shin-sama whistling,Shindou realizing that Akane was looking at him stopped whistling.

"Oh hello Akane." He smiled.

Akane being as shy as ever,quickly looked down and replied with a soft hello as her cheeks slowly turned red. Shindou...
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posted by Kazemaru-chan
It was a sunny día when Endou was teaching the Raimon soccer club...

Endou: "Go team! Run faster!"

Kidou: "you start to sound like a real coach Endou..."

Endou:"Then we can eat as much as we can!"

Raimon: "HURAH!"

Kidou: "... I take that back... =.="

Haruna: "same old Endou... Ng?"

Haruna's phone ringing

Haruna: *checks the phone* Oh! Umm... guys... I have to go... pick up this call..."

Kidou and Endou: ???

Haruna runs towards the back of the school

Haruna: "hello? Yes... Yes... Okay... Mh-m... Don't worry... I got it covered... Yes... I'm sure! Don't worry okay? Okay... see ya..."

Endou: "Haruna!?"

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posted by RuvyGrace
Kidou held a party at an old haunted house, but something terrible was going to happen. But what?

Kidou: “Hey Endou, do tu like the party?”
Endou: “Yeah! It’s great, and there are so many people!”
Gouenji: “I’m happy Yuuka got invited too, she sure enjoys it here.”
Endou: “Yeah, this is something we’ll never forget!”
Kidou: “I’m going to check something out, I’ll be back later.”
Endou: “Okay, take your time.”

Suddenly all the lights gone off. Everyone screams as they hear weird sounds. After around two minutos the lights turn back on.

Endou: “Wha-what was that?”...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Sai: We're back~

Conner: And we're back at the studio.

Endou: Awww....I was actually enjoying the road trip...

Sai: Tough luck. Anyway, we've got some T & D's ^o^

IE cast: Ugggggghhhh!!! Give us a break!


IE cast: x_________x

Kogure: *Running and yelling*


Sai: *Sweat drops* Anyway, on to the T & D's sent by...*drum roll* RuvyGrace.
*Kidou must tickle Fudou while Fudou eats a tomato(sowwy Fudou)
*Endou must throw away a soccer ball(sowwy Endou)
*Tsunami must eat PLAIN carrots :) (sowwy...
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posted by kitakedo
The ABCs!

A - AVAILABLE: i'm single ;)

B - BIRTHDAY: september 22

C - CRUSHING ON: many people...

D - DRINK tu LAST HAD: water

E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: my sweet best friend ^^

F - favorito! SONG AT THE MOMENT: too many

H - HOMETOWN: kolambugan, lanao del norte, philippines

I - IN amor WITH: the answer is in letter 'a'

J - JUGGLE: nope

K - KILLED SOMEONE: a mosquito minutos ago



O - ONE WISH: to see someone in person. (don't ask who!)

P - PERSON tu CALLED LAST: my EX-girlfriend

R - REASON TO SMILE: secret :P

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Now it's revealed, the one who convinced Gouenji to be the Fifth Sector Leader...He is the Fifth Sector Leader last year..he is Ikarashi..

Ikarashi is bad... very bad... he is the one who destroyed Resistance and at the same time he maybe the reason why Hibiki died...

But in the future episodes, Ishido(Gouenji) decided to quit, making Ikarashi the Fifth Sector leader again..

Well, after the finals he will be captured por Onigawara and Toramaru...

Source: link and the 3DS game.

Real pregunta (for me): What is the reason why Gouenji got convinced por Ikarashi, when he really loves soccer?

I think there is a huge happening behind this.


*edit : Ok, so Hibiki didn't die, he became the siguiente leader, but I think others are true.
 Gouenji vs. Ikarashi
Gouenji vs. Ikarashi
1. 40,000 views: Are there other Avatars other than “Holy Sword Lancelot” and “Instrumentalist Maestro”?
-Aviator Falcon
-Conjurer Purim
-Machine Soldier Galleus

2. 70,000 views: What are Kidou, Kazemaru, Fubuki, Kabeyama, Fudou and Fuyuka doing now?
Kidou-coach of Tekeiko
others-don't know

3. 90,000 views: What’s the Emperor pingüino, pingüino de series of hissatsu techniques going to be in Inazuma Eleven GO?
Emperor pingüino, pingüino de No. 7
A long shoot using the seven colores of the rainbow. Lasts a total of 7.8 seconds.

4. 140,000 views: Info on the member previously from Inazuma Japan, living in Kogarashi Manor!
It's Kogure Yuuya

5. 250,000 views: Endou Mamoru’s wife revealed!
It is revealed that Raimon Natsumi is the wife of Endou Mamoru.

And a new goal set for 350k, I don't know why but it's kinda funny but creepy.

6. 350,000 views: Gojou’s appearance in Inazuma Eleven GO!
-looks creep o scary
 Aviator halcón (upper left),Conjurer Purim(upper right) ,Machine Soldier Galleus(lower)
Aviator Falcon (upper left),Conjurer Purim(upper right) ,Machine Soldier Galleus(lower)
 Emperor pingüino, pingüino de
Emperor Penguin
 Kidou and Kazemaru(upper), Fubuki and Kabeyama(middle), Fudou and Fuyuka(lower)
Kidou and Kazemaru(upper), Fubuki and Kabeyama(middle), Fudou and Fuyuka(lower)
 Kogure(upper), Endou Natsumi(middle), Gojou(lower)
Kogure(upper), Endou Natsumi(middle), Gojou(lower)
posted by ShadowProve13
Sai: *Depressed voice* We're back....

IE cast: Errrrr...-.-||

Conner: Sai get over it! It's just a cold.

Sai: But because of this cold, I can't go to soccer practice!

Conner: It's only gonna last a couple of days Sai.

Sai: *Sits in emo corner & ignores Conner* Life is meaningless.......

IE cast: (Wow. She's even más depressing than Kageno...-_-||)

Kageno: *Sneezes*

Conner: *Rolls eyes* Anyway, on to the T & D's sent by...*drum roll* RuvyGrace.

*Someoka: all time happy
*Kazemaru: being mean
*Kogure: besar a frog

*Endou: Where...
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