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 reuben, rubén in iWin A fecha
Reuben in iWin A Date
We all probably remember reuben, rubén - Gibby's odd friend who came up with the craziest metaphors nobody was able to understand, apart from Gibby. Not to forget to mention that he secretly admires Sam. However Reubenese is finally made understandable for everyone else.

Reubenese for beginners

Ruebenese: 'Sup soda bottle nose. Are your roosters dancin'?
English: Hello. How are tu today?

Reub.: tu can't drink two jars of applesauce if tu don't lift the guard dog.
Engl.: I'm fine. Thank you.

Reub.: Wow, tu can make a dog bark faster than a pescado can climb a tree.
Engl.: I think tu are cute.

Reub.: You've...
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Okay I Checked Out Nevelocity.com & It Looked Sucks, ICarly Looked Alot Better Than Nevelocity, Nevelocity Is Really Suck Trust Me Guys It Dont Look Cool As ICarly, ICarly Is a Best mostrar On The Web, Nevelocity Is a Real Boring Website, It Dont mostrar videos Like ICarly Does & It Never Looked Too Cool, I Hope Ya Agree That Site Is Not Cool, It Dont Looked Like The Website On The Show, But I Know Nevel Is a Big Jerk & Real Hateful, So If Ya Wanna See The Dumb Nevelocity Website I Found Heres My Link To It
Warning This Site Contains Boring Reviews!!!!!!
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