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Okay, first things first. I know that when tu read the título of this article, tu may have freaked out. I know that I did when I first became aware of the existence of this interview. But I just want to tell tu beforehand, it really isn't as bad as it sounds. I freaked out, yes, but that was before I translated the whole interview for myself. Now, it is evident that the content can be interpreted in different ways.

(Please take note that I'm a high school French student, and I didn't really use a translator, so I took some liberties with the translating...French-speaking people, please don't...
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Disclaimer: Well, obviously, I'm not the kind of person that owns real people. I might own fictional characters though, but I don't either. Neither do I own awesome Rolling Stones songs. Anyway, I probably offend someone with this, but it wasn't intended. Honestly. I just can't help myself!

AN: I would suggest listening to the song that inspired all this, Melody, por the Rolling Stones. Just to get in the "mood", tu know...

A little bonding Melody

And there they sat, slowly getting pissed but not even thinking about calling it a night ‘cause it felt soooo good. Finally, for the first since...
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Thank tu for all those reviews!! Enjoy!

Chapter 3 - Tell those voices in my head I'm not insane

She closed the door of her room behind her and leaned against it as almost immediately tears started to form in her eyes. Did he really not remember having sex with her? Was she that bad? o was he just playing a game with her, well if that was the truth then it was the meanest thing someone had ever done to her, because she felt she was going insane. But Hugh wouldn’t do that to her right? Maybe he just didn’t want to talk about it in the, what tu could call public, breakfast room. Maybe he...
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This is basically the same as the other French article, but it's a teensy bit different, and it's also translated in full. Credit to @Belle for the fotos of the magazine.

MY TAKE ON THE SIGNIFICANCE: Sure, most of us are already pretty sure of the existence of Huli, but this just proves that the media is beginning to notice as well. There are even a few theories circulating here that Hugh and Lisa are "testing the waters" in Europe, to see how people would react to their going public. Anyways, artículos like these just make me happy. We're not alone in our belief!!! :D

Important parts (and titles)...
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Damn it! I accidently reposted this and didn't want to...I just wanted to editar it, so don't read if tu already read it.

Last articulo that was similar to this I totally screwed it in a hurry with it and didn't go in full detail of the pictures so I'm trying again but this time I won't tell tu the differences...use your eyes and COMPARE and if I'm crazy well...I'm crazy then and really jumping to conclusions and I will take the criticism.

*HINT* They kiss with microphone hanging over them and one with everyone walking around...and again, LOOK the pictures ARE different....
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A little cuteness and a little backstory for those who asked;)

Hugh walked around the room until Eileen got tired of it and wanted to play something else. ‘Dada!’, she dicho as she hit his head with her tiny hands, which was the sign to make him stop. Hugh lifted her of his back and set her on the ground as she looked up at him.

‘Dada fwai?’, she asked and raised her arms up above her head to mostrar him what she wanted. ‘Fwai?’, Hugh asked not completely understanding what Eileen wanted.‘Fwai! She dicho and pointed at the ceiling.’ ‘You want up?’ ‘Up!! Fwai!’, she said...
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Unfortunately it's poor quality but I amor their interaction with each other! HL acts appalled when the interviewer apparently askes LE about Hugh's besar technique. I also amor that LE can't stop laughing. lol
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