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posted by michael
With Season 3 just starting, it's always a struggle to figure out who's who. So, here's my rundown of this season's contestants and what I think (having watched only the first episode).

Aaron, 48, Retirement inicial Chef
Although he seems to had an even temperment, it seems that the pressures of the cocina may be too much for Aaron (crying even before the restaurant doors had opened). I don't know what the job of a retirement inicial chef is like, but 48 may be a little old for someone not in prime physical shape to be able to keep up in a three estrella cocina environment. It's too bad, because...
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added by carol1022
I think Raj of this season's Hell cocina was somewehat mentally ill. I use to work in the State Hospital and Raj paced just like a State Hospital patient. When a patient goes to see the shrink, they are told to breathe, let off some steam and Raj always took deep breaths and did karate chopping and kicks to let off steam. He had no idea what the Hell he was doing in Hell's Kitchen! I am glad he is gone.

The contestant Chef with the black fram eyeglasses, blond hair (Ghetto Girl) needs to go next. Everytime Chef Ramsey asks her who is going to the chopping block, she always has a negative comentario about her team mates. Can't she just answer the question? And she always sabotages her team mates. Last night when she cooked the meat, she was asked if it was time to prepare the espaguetis, espagueti and she dicho no. But she served the meat alone making her team mate look stupid. I do not like her and it is time for her to go.