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Since everything Hannah Montana is inspired in the pop world it's logical to think the titles were inspired in popular songs of all times too... in fact it's pretty obvious on most! Here are some funny "conincidences", make sure to share yours over the FORUM! Have fun :D


Lilly, Do tu Want to Know a Secret?
Song: "Do tu Want To Know A Secret" (The Beatles)

Miley, Get Your Gum
Song: Annie, Get Your Gun (Squeeze)

She's A Supersneak
Song: (She's a) Superfreak (Rick James) Others: She's a superstar

I Can't Make tu amor Hannah If tu Don't
Song: I Can't Make tu amor Me (George Michael)...
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posted by Crazy-Chica
"It hasn't really felt real (yet). All this hard work I've done my entire life is about to pay off."

"I auditioned forever. At first they dicho I was too small and too young."

"As soon as I read the script, I knew it kinda related to me. I wanted to disguide myself as not some celebrity's daughter, just be me and find people that like me for me."

"I thought a lot of girls wanna have their secret identity and have something they don't want to tell people about."

"[Playing Hannah] is a total girl thing. It's like dressing up every day."

"Hannah in the mostrar is enormous, like a Hilary Duff of TV....
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