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Once, there was a girl named Madison, who went por Sparky. She had an imaginary friend named Kat. Sparky hadn't created Kat, though, she found her.

One day, Kat heard very bad news, Sparky was moving- which meant they had to get rid of Kat! After dinner, Sparky and Kat were watching television, when a commercial came on. It was about a place called "Foster's inicial for Imaginary Friends", where tu could bring your imaginary friend, and they would live there. Sparky looked relieved that Kat wouldn't be a gonner. "Please don't!" Kat thought. She didn't want to go. Sparky made Kat pack her bags,...
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Foster’s inicial for Imaginary friends - Funny Bunny song
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Cheese is realy dumb and loves chocolate leche
cheese chocolate leche
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T'was the día befor Easter
the house was so busy
the friends worked so hard
one got dizzie....
Eduardo:"Frankie! I think she's comming around!" Holly(suddenly waking up)-"Uhhhhh, what happened? Where am I?" Frankie(enters the room and gives acebo a glass of water)-"It's okay Holly. tu just fainted when tu smelled my cheese appetizers while cleaning the kitchen".Coco complains in the only language she knows:"cococococo" Frankie-"I know Coco. We all have been working hard these two days. Who knew it took so much work to make a party? Oh well, at least wer'e almost done. tu gyes just need to colour...
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Children imagine they're own imaginary friends when they are young, we all know that. tu had an imaginary friend when tu were little right? But what happens to the friend when it's creator grows up? When he/she doesn't need it any more? Does the poor thing get thrown on the streets? Alone and helpless? Sadly yes. Kids used to throw they're friends on the streets until a kind old woman (yet very enerjetic and full of life) named Madame Foster figured out a solution to this problem. She made an enormous, unbelievabbly big house for imaginary friends, a place they can call home, until someone...
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Mac Crazy over sugar FHFIF
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