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ep 69: Want Friends? Phelesmon, the Devil's Promise
相内美生 細田雅弘 細田雅弘 竹田欣弘

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Tai and Matt argue whether they should climb Infinity Mountain. Joe and Gomamon decide to climb the mountain por themselves. While on the mountain, they are attacked por a Unimon.
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ikkakumon's harpoon torpedo
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*7 Years ago* *11:56 PM* *California, USA*

"RRRRRROOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!" A large roar comes from a giant beast outside from the Carmichael Residence. "What is that?!" Kaiden says as he runs to his bedroom window. There in front of his window, he sees a Garudumon, protecting the town from an evil Lillymon. "Wow..." He says in awe. He slips on his slippers and capa and races out the door. He runs as fast as his little 5 año old legs can take him. Then there he his. Standing right in front of the battle. "Garuda wing!" Garudumon yells as it charges its attack. "Flower Cannon!" Lillymon yells....
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"TAI IM GONNA KILL YOU" I dicho while I was running away from the drunk Matt all Tai was doing was laughing like a monkey im guessing your wondering how i ended up in this mess well let me tell you
i was just walking to Matt's house then i saw Tai and dicho "oh hola Tai hola whats that behind your back" i was trying to see what he was hiding but he kept hiding it even when i tried to go behind him he still manages to hide it "im not gonna tell tu cause i know that you'll just ruin it like last time" Tai dicho while giving me an annoyed look haha that was so funny the last time he wanted...
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