Demons of supernatural Vs Game

fanfly posted on Jul 15, 2010 at 05:27PM
So, let's try a game.
Name two demons and the next person decides who they think would win in a fight. And then they name two demons and so on...
I'll start!

Lilith vs Azazel

Demons of supernatural 6 respuestas

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hace más de un año karlyluvsam said…
i think that Lilith will win a fight .... shes got powers

Lilith and Meg
hace más de un año Paper_Girl12 said…
Lilith. She is stronger than Meg.

Azazel vs Alistair
hace más de un año karlyluvsam said…
um Azazel will win

Meg vs Ruby
hace más de un año fanfly said…
Before Caged Heat I would've said Ruby but now I'm going to go with Meg!

Brady vs Ruby
hace más de un año TangoThang said…
Brady would pin Ruby to the wall and set her on fire

Crowley vs Azazel
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hace más de un año smileypop9 said…

Lilith vs Alistair