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posted by chocolate18
Hirogaru yami no naka kawashiatta kakumei no chigiri
Aishita yue ni mebaeta aku no hana
Korekara saki otozureru de arou subete wo
Darenimo jama saseru wake ni wa ikanai kara

In the spreading darkness I exchange a pledge for the revolution
An evil flor that sprouted from amor
With everything that'll happen after this
I can't let anyone interfere with it

Kajitsu ga tsugeta mirai
Risei wo wasureta machi
Kuroku yuganda ima wo
Yume, risou ni kaeru

The frutas of the future told me
Of a town that had lost all reason
The present is distorted in blackness
Changing dreams into reality

Doushite? Boku...
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Okay, This is my Death Note story, Its gonna be a chapter thing, I've written the siguiente chapter and I'll put it up soon.
I hope everyone likes it.
comment it and tell me what tu think.


“Liiiiiiiight!” Misa moaned “I don’t wanna go to cruzar, cruz Academy... I hear the people there are weirdos...” she dicho unhappily. “Yes I know tu don’t wanna go Misa, but it’s only gonna be until I’m finished with this case, and I bet you’d amor it there, I herd there’s a lot of cute looking guys in the night and día class.” Light dicho as he paced in front of misa. Misa fell back into...
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