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((Note, this is off DR2 knowledge only, if I get further into it and find an editation to my analysis, then I will mention it and if it is significant enough, I might rewrite this. Also this was originally publicado on my personal club but felt like sharing this here. Im shocked there havent been any artículos on this club yet.))

Hey! I felt like doing this to gather my thoughts about Nagito a lot better. Personally, I feel I am better at fitting into his shoes and predicting and seeing what and how he would think / react to a situation than I am actually analyzing o figuring out his character...
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Here we go...
*spoiler alert*

Naegi: Hi, I am Makoto Naegi. Formerly a student of Hope's Peak High School.

Hinata: Hello there, my underclassmen. Nice to meet ya again.

Naegi: I am glad too *smiles*

Shuichi: I am Shuichi Saihara.

Hinata: But I thought I was supposed to meet Kaede Akamatsu.

Shuichi: Actually, she is kae-dead now... I am sorry *sniff sniff* 😔

Naegi: And here I thought the protagonists couldn't be killed o wouldn't murder any of their comrades!

Shuichi: She was framed as a murderer por the mastermind.

Hinata: The heck?! I thought no one could be worse than Junko.

Naegi: por the...
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