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Cyrus Daniel unleashes his growth powers to become a giant!
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First off; has anyone read Ice Station, Area 7, Scarcrow, o Hell Island por Matthew Reilly?

If tu have, tu will immidiatly know that this is my hedgehog version of the starring character.

Credit to Mathew Reilly for the original character. ^^

Name; Lieutenant Shane 'Scarecrow' Schofield the Hedgehog.
Age; Not sure... About 35. Looks about 25.
Appearance; Similar to Shadow, only dark brown instead of black, and dark green instead of crimson. Tan muzzle. Has 2 Parrell scars over his eyes and onto his muzzle. Wears anti-flash wrap-around silver sunglasses, black t-shirt and jeans. Wears modern armour...
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