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posted by ebathory
Ok, I watched the new bones ep this week (6x17, The Feet On The Beach) and something really bugged me about it.

We discover during the episode that a homeless man has taken the possession of the victims shoes. When we see them, they appear to be whole and intact.

Our victim, Dylan McEllroy, was killed por the blades of a ride-on tractor. The details of this including one of his feet being dismembered somewhere between ankle and knee, the other foot sustaining significant damage due to the markers in the surviving bone. While it is possible (but unlikely) for the shoe belonging to the foot which...
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posted by amymeymy
OK, I PROMISE that this is nearly the last one.

There, in Booth's arms, was when she realized. She burrowed her head deeper into Booth's chest. She liked it there; it was safe. She was pregnant. And she was having a child, and it would be theirs. They would be a family, they would be happy.
There would be pain and there would be joy, was how Angela put it once Brennan had told her:
"You're pregnant? I... had no idea!"
"What a strange thing to say..."
"Sweetie... this is great! Oh my god! A baby! It's going to be gorgeous and I'm just going to cry my corazón out!"
"For joy, right?"
"Of course for joy!...
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posted by amymeymy
Part 6 ;)

Brennan rolled over and she heard a crumple. She jumped up and was relieved to see that it was a bit of paper that had been lying on her pillow. As she opened it, she saw that it had escritura on it, from Angela.

I’ve gone to get us cena and to scold everybody… none of them has stopped por to see tu yet… though I think Sweets has been asleep all day, so he doesn‘t count.

Brennan read it again and tried to make some sense out of it. Why would anyone come and visit? When she sat up, she grasped her head. “Ouch!” she wiped the hair out of her eyes and looked around. It...
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posted by amymeymy
Part 5: Enjoy!

"Booth, I'm sorry that you're so sad" Brennan whispered, still hugging him.
"It's Ok, we'll get out of here."
"No… I mean from what happened between us."
Booth was quiet.
Brennan broke the silence a while later "Are tu asleep?"
"No." was all he could answer.
"Do tu want me to leave tu alone?"
"No." Booth belived that he was más confused than Brennan. She let go of him to look at his expression; she didn't need to feel better to realise the expression on his face.
"Booth, I never wanted to hurt tu like this, I hate seeing tu so sad."
"No, Bones, it's not your fault. It's my own."...
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posted by VampireGirl
"Brennan." dicho Temperance, holding her cell phone to her ear while she searched for the correct folder. "Booth, I told tu already, i can't come over until after work, there was a break. Did I leave the case file at the house last night. I can't seem to find it..."

"Bones, there's nothing in the fridge and I'm starving. Can't tu like pick up some chips and drop them off? Please?" whined Booth through the phone.

"Or tu could get off your culo and go get yourself some chips. I'm sorry, you're just a very high maintenance sick person. I'll ask Jason if we can stop on the way to the FBI. We're...
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posted by CampRockLuver98
It was December 25 at the Jeffersonian. As usual, Temperance Brennan was looking at newly found remains. But then Booth pooped in, balancing 2 coffee cups in his left hand.
"Hey! Merry navidad Bones!" He then gave her a quick peck on the cheeck. She looked up, staring at him in confusion. "Eh... Merry navidad Booth." She took a quick sip of her coffe and looked at her paper work."Why the heck are tu tu are almost never like this!" Booth looked at her, took a sip of his coffee, and laughed."Well, for your imformation, there is going to be this FBI get-together type thing...
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posted by imcrazybones
Booth couldn't believe what he was hearing, and as soon as he sneaked out of his office he went to the Jeffersonian. He stopped at the door.
(wow she really looks like Bones...) - he thought
-Booth, hey, I didn't expected to see tu so soon. - Brennan said. She was nervous because she was worried how Booth will react. o better yet, how Hannah will react...
-Yeah, got as soon as I could. Where is the program ? - he whispered
-Excuse me, alive person over here... - dicho Ashleigh
-Oh Ashleigh, I'm sorry, this is special agent Seeley Booth, he is doctor Brennan's partner. - dicho Angela
-Partners like......
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Chapter 14

Booth had no sooner entered the doctor’s office than he was taken to where bones was waiting for him. He could see that she had a concerned look on her face but he did not know what it was about so he asked. “Bones, what is it?”
“Booth, I want the doctor to tell you.”
“Is the baby OK?”
“Yes, she’s still kicking but it’s the other one.”
“What other one?” Booth looked at bones with a bewildered expression on his face. At that moment the doctor entered the room.
Doctor: “Thank tu Mr. Booth for coming so promptly. I wanted to talk to tu and Mrs. Booth about the...
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Entertainment Weekly: Hart Hanson interview

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s start with the alarm clock. We know 4:47 is a time tu like to use on clocks to mark significant moments in the series. Is that a bomb?
HART HANSON: I’m so not gonna tell you. Pelant took a little tour through the house, and did some stuff. One of the most blatant things he did was replace Booth’s alarm clock. tu saw him fooling around with it in his place. So it’s something, but I would never tell tu what it was exactly and why the clock is there. [Laughs] The other thing he did was take a Polaroid of the baby’s...
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posted by girly_girl
Dr Temperance 'Bones' Brennan:

• Parents vanished around navidad time when she was a teenager
• Spent time in foster care before grandfather rescued her
• One living brother - Russ

• Forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian
• Assists FBI Agent Seeley Booth

• Was romantically involved with her professor of forensic anthropology, Micheal Stires
• Dated a brother of a murder victim in season two
• Was caught out dating two different guys at the same time in season three

• Lack of understanding of modern pop culture – she can be heard...
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Early Saturday morning Booth arrived at Brennan’s apartment to pick her up for the trip to Huntsville. Brennan waited until they were headed out of town to bring up their marriage.
“Booth now that we know the marriage is legal, we need to discuss what we are going to do.”
“Bones I know tu don’t believe in marriage, but it is a little late because tu are married and now we have to decide what to do.”
“Booth I know tu don’t want to get a divorce because of your faith.”
“Bones what gave tu that idea.”
“Sweets, he dicho that if a Catholic gets a divorce he is excommunicated...
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posted by amymeymy
“I’m sick of lying.” Brennan dicho as she closed her apartment’s door, looking twice. Angela’s unannounced visits had become más frequent lately.
“Me too, Bones, but we really can’t tell anyone. They wouldn’t let us work together anymore.”
“You could get clearance.” Brennan dicho as she took off her chaqueta and grabbed two beers from the fridge.
“But then I would have to talk to Hacker who… has a thing for you. Thanks.” he accepted the drink. “He’s not going to give me it easily. Heck, he might not even give it to me.” he sat on her sofa and turned on the TV.
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Here's the segundo part of my fanfic! Sorry it took so long!
(The Boys Room)
“Knock Knock!” A voice bellowed from behind the door and Dr. Wyatt flew through it. “And how are we now, hum?!”
Wyatt was stopped in his tracks as he saw Booth leaning his head on Cam’s shoulders. “Oh opsie daisy!” He said, clearly uncomfortable and he wasn’t sure where to look.
“It’s not what tu think” Cam started. She stood up and gestured at the door. She and Wyatt stepped out and closed the door behind them. Booth, who was lost in his own thoughts...
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posted by girly_girl
Hope tu enjoy lectura my latest update of bones and Booth quotes. This ones from season two when bones and Booth are arguing over Sully.

Season Two
Episode 15
"The Bodies in the Book"

(Bones and Bones' book publisher, Ellen Lasco, are in the lab talking about Bones' siguiente book. Standing beside them, unnoticed is Hank, Ellen's assistant. Booth enters.)

Booth: Okay, Bones, we got a floater in the marina

Bones, My Partner, Seeley Booth. This is the publisher for my book, Ellen Lasco and her assistant Hank.

Ellen: Hello, (Looks up and down at Booth) Now I see why Temperance writes those dirty little scenes...
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So this is the first ever fan fiction I have ever written! It’s only a short piece and there is más to follow but I’d amor to hear your feedback on it!

(Picture the scene: Its Brennan and Booth’s wedding day. Both the guys and the girls are in separate rooms getting ready.)

The Boys Room:

Booth is alone in the room and is nervously fixing his bow tie for about the millionth time.
“Okay, so you’ve got this far. You’re doing good.” (He stares at himself in the mirror. He looks down at his bow tie and yet again undoes it) Why I am so nervous?” He thought to himself. “I amor her....
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posted by amymeymy
Sweets was supposed to be asleep, but he wasn’t. Every now and then, the bedroom door would creak open and he would keep his eyes closed. He stomach was sick with fear, it drove him mad that John could just loose it and kill him. He never signed up to this, he was just a shrink. He didn’t do anything really, he never asked to put his own life in danger. As the hours ticked by, he couldn’t help but wonder if he was going to die, if por the time Booth and Brennan got there, it would be to late. o maybe something had happened to them; John had told him rather happily that he wasn’t receiving...
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posted by amymeymy
Bit three... I write these too fast...

Cam and Sweets were in Cam’s office. Sweets was pacing and Cam was rummaging around for her phone.
“Why aren’t the police here yet?” Sweets kept on repeating.
“Sweets, please be quiet. Do tu have you’re phone?” He remained silent, but received a stern look from Cam.
“You told me to be quiet” he mumbled. Cam stared at him.
“How old are you? If tu don‘t watch it Booth will start saying that you‘re twelve again.” Sweets brought out his phone, sulking.
“I really do not like this. I mean, come on, this is the segundo time this year!...
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posted by VampireGirl
Alright I'm gonna be wrapping this up in the siguiente couple of sections. I hope it's good:)

"Bones, come on! You've been in there for an hour!" yelled Booth from the other side of the bathroom door. Brennan smiled to herself. She opened the door and stood with her hands on her hips. She wore only a towel that was wrapped around her torso. Booth's eyes wandered down to her breast then shot back up. "Uhh, I can wait I guess."

"No, you've been yelling for 30 minutes. Please, take your time." Brennan dicho with mock bitterness. Booth walked past her and closed the door behind him. She stood outside the...
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posted by Carbone
It started out as a normal day; Brennan was sitting in her office looking over her schedule. There were several items that she needed to attend to immediately and others that could be postponed until siguiente week. As she was looking over her findings about the reciente case she was working on with Booth, she knew she had some additional work to do on the final reportar but she wanted to wait until she sees Booth later this evening. She knew that she could finish it por herself but she would rather be doing it with Booth, the reportar that is. It will be nice to spend the evening with Booth not because...
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posted by VampireGirl
1 mes later...

Brennan was in her office, looking over a case file. In the past mes so much, yet so little, had happened. And she could hardly oso, oso de it. After she'd pulled back from that hug. That's when all this had started. She'd told him to leave. She wanted him safe, but he wanted her safe. She had forced him out of her apartment. Had lied to him, and informed him she could take care of herself. How could she have done that? He'd taken it as "get out of my life, I don't need you". How could he think that? She'd broken down completely in front of him, and he'd just let her push him away....
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