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posted by ReaAriFan
Hi Ariana, I am Rea, I am 12 years old. I am A huge, huge fan of you. I have your perfumes, i have libros about you, Clothes and hoodies of you. Posters of you, i have done many colourings of you, i watch all your songs and música videos, i amor your Voice and your a great actress in victorious and Sam and Cat loved both those shows. I watch your concerts online, i couldent come to any before, because i didnt know tu that time. I have Known tu for a year, I have seen your dogs, they are Adorable. I have a curboard cut out of you! I have posters is well of you, My family loves you. They and I amor all your songs. I even got birthday cards of you. I had an Ariana Grande themed party of you! Plz do another concert! Take care, stay safe.

Lots of amor xxx

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