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Did tu know...?
The meanings of the characters in Alice in Wonderland? I mean, in many cases, the characters are not just casual, Lewis Carroll was trying to had a point.
Well I have some for you...

The white rabbit

Alice finds a talking rabbit that has a watch is its waistcoat, Isn´t it the best way of represent the time and how it controls everything?

The blue caterpillar

Alice finds a blue oruga, caterpillar that is smoking a big pipe. This represents the opium, a common drug in Victorian England.

The Chesire Cat

Isn´t it just ironic that the only sane conversation that Alice has in Wonderland is about...
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Casting auditions for 250 extras were held in the British city of Plymouth on 6th and 7th August 2008. Requirements were for people with a 'Victorian look' and for applicants to have no visible tattoos, piercings o dyed hair.

Actress Mia Wasikowska beat out several candidates for the role of Alice, including Amanda Seyfried and Lindsay Lohan, who lobbied for the role.

This film marks the 7th time Johnny Depp has worked under the direction of Tim aparejo, burton and the 6th time for Helena Bonham Carter.

Principal fotografía of this movie took 40 days.

Despite the fact that there have been many other...
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Note: Alice in Wonderland is not created and owned por me. This is a story for this website and

Alice saw Tarrant dressed as a lifeguard and dicho "Hi Tarrant. What's going on?"

Tarrant dicho "I'm working on a experiment involving hats."

Alice dicho "I don't understand what you're talking about."

Tarrant dicho "I'm used to hearing that. I'm trying to make hats that can float in water which is why I'm going to be a lifeguard today."

Alice dicho "I didn't know that there was a pool nearby."

Tarrant dicho "It's been around since 1865. I have an idea."

Alice dicho "What?"

Tarrant dicho "You should...
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