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In english:

Eurovision winner norwegian Alexander Rybak exposes in Seura- magazine that he still wouldn't betray.

- It is hard for me to say no to sex if it is on offer. Exept now: even there are 5000 girls in my concert, I can only think that one girl which one I love.

He exposes that he had earlier met some fans and sometimes he went a little bit far with them.

Rybak himselfs thinks that he hadn't abused position

- I think it is better to say that I'm     

Rybak has dated with winners of different competitions

- It is easy to be with someone who adores you.

Translated: Hanatee and pepu
“Rybak believes in the ultrasound of dolphins”

’Today, I swam with the dolphins. Did tu know? Impressions are good, but, honestly, hoping for a más open relationship. The pool was too small. tu can believe o not believe, but true - ultrasound positive effect on people. While sailing with dolphins ultrasonic waves affect the human body. As a result of the improving performance of all body systems. They are dicho to relieve pain, eliminate muscle tension and favorably affect the nervous system. In addition, dolphins are distinguished cheerful disposition and high intelligence. All animales have different affects on people. Let's say my dog does not have ultrasounds, but she knows how to cheer up. There are people who believe in hippotherapy. I never was fond of horses, and my dad is professionally engaged in horseback riding. I am very fond of animals! Even escritura songs about them. In my first album is a song about horses.’
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(VG Nett) Andrea Victoria (14) fikk fela til Alexander Rybak under VG-Lista Topp 20 igår kveld. (VG Nett) Andrea Victoria (14) had to fiddle Alexander Rybak under VG-Lista Topp 20 yesterday evening.

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- Herregud, det er kjempegøy, utbryter Andrea Victoria Horda Hoelseth (14) fra Sandefjord til VG Nett. - Oh, it's great, exclaims Andrea Victoria Horda Hoel Seth (14) from...
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Тобою околдован, окрылен,
И строчка песни новой: я влюблен.
Кружат калейдоскопом день за днем,
Мне не до того, я влюблен!

Я влюблен!

С тобою так легко, чудеса!
По небу босиком, небеса.
Смеяться, танцевать, под дождем
И снова повторять: я влюблен!

Друзья не понимают, но и пусть!
А я счастливым быть не боюсь.
В песок, уходит время, как вода,
А я...
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...<i would like to come on tour in Russia. not only because i have won EUROVISION there, but also because a girl that i like very much lives there.
i have never been popular with the girls and still be so. although I got thousands sms with declarations of amor ! i don't mean fans love, i mean real feelings.there always have been guys that were más popular with the girls than me, maybe because i was interested in music, didn't want to dress and have my hair cut according to the fashion, make tatoos and body piercing.
and now i am still dressing very common. and i like nice and timid girls...
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No matter what they say now I’m in love,
I do it my own way cause I’m in love,
And I can't keep that song out of my mind,
Playing that silly tune all the time.

lalalalalalalalalalalalalala ... I'm in love

No matter what they say, I don’t care,
I do it any way everywhere,
I wrote this little song on my own,
She dicho that I’m a genius; I’m in love,

My friends say that I’m crazy, I’m just fine,
My neighbours stare at me, never mind,
Cause every time this sweetness of her smile,
My supersonic girl, I’m in love.

No matter what they say now I’m in love,
I do it my own way cause I’m in love,...
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Who is Alexander Rybak? Bright? Restless? Expressive? His face is a map where all the emotions can be expressed. He is torrential and gifted with a disarming truth and an even deeper musicality! Even all these are not enough to describe this 23-year musician, who won this year’s ESC with “Fairytales”.

With 387 votes, ‘‘Fairytale’’ has broken the record set por the Finnish Lordi in 2006. It captured the parte superior, arriba position at download charts in europa and Australia. It has entered the top-5 of the Radio charts of all European countries. It was proclaimed the most succesful song since the...
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"Strawberries and flirting"

Q: What are tu doing this summer?
A: This summer I’ll try to please people around me, play and sing a lot, and hopefully, redactar a few songs. Preferably while “loffing” around, visiting different villages. And I’ll visit some culture schools that have invited me.

Q: How do tu remember your childhood’s summers?
A: I remember lots of travelling and music. And huge amounts of water! But also practicing and discipline. It was particularly nice, getting an icecream when I felt I had deserved one.

Q: How is a perfect summer day?
A: A summerflirt o ten, and a little...
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Swedish Lyrics

Lyrics por Mats Paulson

"Till En Vildmarkspoet"

Och snön föll vit i vinterskog
där räven stod på lur
för tystnaden i blånad vildmarkstrakt.
Här dröjde du vid kojans eld
och drömde om en vår
och skrev din sång och höll vid milan vakt.

Nu porlar guarida, den i vårens tid
din fors i milsvid skog!
Nu surrar guarida, den av bin din sommaräng!
Jag anar spår av kärva steg
som trötta spelmän tog
och rosors blod
i ton från sorgens sträng.
Än sjunger vinden vida,
när hösten brinner röd,
din sång om livets villkor,
om kamp för hem och bröd.
Nu porlar guarida, den i vårens tid
din fors i milsvid skog!
Nu surrar...
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«Practice little, play a lot!»

16 young, local, string-players, welcomed Alexander Rybak , with well-known ” Fairytale” in Moss Art-gallery, yesterday afternoon.

– So good, tu are !! , complimented last years ESC-winner, who in return, played together with – and gave advice, to the children, even though, not all the consejos were pedagogical “correct”!
– Do tu practice every day? That is a lot more, than I do. When I was little, I practiced 2-3 hours every day. Now, I don´t practice at all, smiled the popular guest.

– When the tutors are so playful, as they are here at Juniorstrings,...
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Tomorrow Stella Mwangi convince europa that "Haba Haba" deserves a place in Saturday's final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

After Mwangi arrived in Dusseldorf on Saturday a week ago, she had her first real día off yesterday.

- más relaxed
Vorobjov is big estrella in his homeland, and the meeting was the cover of the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian media. Mwangi was also interviewed por Alexander Rybak for NRK.

Alexander arrived yesterday, and has the following first impression of the Eurovision two years after he made great success in Moscow:

- I think it is much más relaxed conditions than in...
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(AP) Alexander Rybak (24) confides to the Swedish newspaper that the parents have persuaded him not to withdraw from the "Let's Dance."

televisión viewers witnessed was Friday that Alexander Rybak had to leave the TV studio live dance before the judges had dado their marks to him and Malin Johansson (23). Rybak told the AP later in the evening that he had to throw up, and that he had suffered from abdominal pain and vomiting for a few weeks.

Now elaborates Rybak to the Swedish Aftonbladet that there have been about psychological problems. He says he has received much medical attention, and...
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Norwegian musician Alexander Rybak makes a very good impression – an open, smiling, slightly shy young man who simply discourages por his sincerity and naivety. And at the same time Alexander talks wisely and sensibly about a lot of things. In an exclusive interview with “Samaya” (“The Most”) the musician spoke about his new Russian album, why he doesn’t want to fall in amor ever más and why he likes Americans.

Love has to flow out from friendship.

I wouldn’t like to fall in amor anymore. I clearly separates these two feelings – amor and affection. Being affected a man doesn’t...
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Artist: Alexander Rybak
Album title: Visa Vid Vindens Ängar
Label: Universal Music
Release date: 24/06/2011
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

With a musical output of one album a year, there is a certain danger in some cases that quantity will forego quality. After a lukewarm reception and ditto sales figures for his last album No Boundaries, Alexander Rybak has ventured into the studio once más with a rather fetching new project.

Visa Vid Vindens Ängar is, I suppose tu could say, an hommage to the talent that is Swedish folk musician Mats Paulson. But what we also get here is to see a side of Alexander...
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Alexander Rybak admits that the pressure has been big with "Let's Dance" combined with international appearances all the time. Now he is looking adelante, hacia adelante to a little breather from mom.

- I'll be with my mom and sleep there in the morning. It helps. I'm looking adelante, hacia adelante to seeing my mom again, she has probably been worried about me a few weeks now, "said Alexander Rybak to AP right after" Let's Dance "broadcast ends Friday.

It offered the most drama for ESC-favorite. After the first dance he had to run out while the judges and hosts stood gaping again. Dance Partner Malin Johansson explained...
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“It feels like hell”

Alexander Rybak has many strings on his violin. In “Let’s Dance” has the Norwegian showed that he can both dance in high heels and charm the Swedish TV viewers.

Are the clothes important?

-Yes, it wouldn’t have been so fun to dance waltz with Malin if she wore a salsa skirt. Everything should be right.

You’ve danced in high heels, how is that?

-It feels like hell. It’s hard to wear high heels and at the same time try to look masculine. It’s like trying to wrinkle their eyebrows and look happy at the same time. I think a man is as most masculine por a woman’s...
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Alexander turned out to be so far from his motherland due to his father. in 1990, at the age of 36, having left his wife Nataliya with little Sasha, the father had all of a sudden decided not to return from a tour to his native Belorus. he had only a violin and a suitcase with clothes.

from another point of view Igor's decision could seem strange.He had a loving family, a loving job, a pair of rooms in a communal flat. as it is said, he lived no worse than the rest.

but in those times things on the Motherland went bad. rather good wages were reduced por inflation. In 3 years afer coming to Norway...
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There is a wind of the wind Ängar, it fladdrar fixed in a tulle curtain. And there is Alexander Rybak, suntan in the Norwegian summer breeze, ready to sweep across the country with classic Swedish show, written por Mats Paulson.

– I want the album to be a gift to everyone, including the adult audience. I extend NOK audience a bit with this project, says Rybak of "Visa vid Wind Ängar".

But is not 25-year-old Rybak bit young to cooperate with a 73-year-old, the mostrar that had its heyday several decades before he was born?

– For me, this is timeless music. It is música that speaks to the heart,...
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ESC Radio awards.

ESC-radio just presented the results of their annual elections. Listeners to the online ESC station get to select the best artists and songs that are to be awarded the ESC Radio Awards. Alexander Rybak, the winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, won two awards.

Rybak was granted the award for best song and the award for best male singer. According to the listeners to ESC Radio Yohanna from Iceland is the best female singer and Aysel & Arash the best group.

In the election Fairytale as the best song was followed por Is It True, Et S'il Fallait Le Faire and Rändajad. In the category best female singer Yohanna was followed por Patricia Kaas, Jade Ewen, Soraya and Malena Ernman.

Alexander Rybak from Norway was the best male singer followed por Sakis Rouvas, Brinck, Sasha Son and Zoli Ádok. And finally the best group, Aysel & Arash, were followed por Urban Symphony, Flor-de-Lis, Regina and Lovebugs.
i will become a black lightning for you
(chyornoy molniey ya stany dlya tebya)
a black lightning on the rain's line
(chyornoy molniey na linii dozhdya)
and let the calendar's sheets burn
(y pyskay goryat listky kalendarya)
the evil won't be able to decieve me anymore
(zlo ne smozhet bolshe obmanut menya)

i don't believe in miracles
(ya ne veryu v chudesa)
but a car flies into the sky
(no letit mashina v nebesa)
and now i'm your superhero(x2)
(y teper ya tvoy supergeroy)

being white snow
i will into your palm
(belym snegom upadu v ladon tvoyu)
and tu will know
how much i amor you
(y uznaesh ty kak ya tebya...
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