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posted by SasoriLV
When Itachi Loved Pickles

Itachi loved his pickles,

more than any other dared.

He ate them with pleasure everyday,

without a single care.

He crunched into them slowly,

and savored every bite.

Then drank the agrio, agria juice,

and did so with delight.

His fingers smelled of vinegar,

his hair in disarray.

For all he ever did in life,

was eat pickles everyday.

His mouth began to turn bright green,

from his teeth unto his tongue.

His life was seeming out the door,

and then the door campana rang.

There stood an elderly woman,

with hair so stiff and gray.

She gave Itachi a smile and said,

"Hello sir, good day."

Itachi stared at...
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posted by SilentRevelry
Partner: Formerly Deidara, Orochimaru before that
Seiyu: Takahiro Sakurai, Yutaka Aoyama (Hiruko), Akiko Yajima (as a child)

Sasori (サソリ, Sasori?) is a missing-nin from Sunagakure. After the death of his parents, Sasori was left in the care of his grandmother, Chiyo, who taught him all she knew about using puppets in battle. With his newfound knowledge he created puppets in his parents' likeness so that he could feel their love. Since they were only emotionless puppets, his attempt failed, and he left them behind upon leaving the village. Once joining akatsuki he was paired with Orochimaru,...
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posted by AngelUchihaNeko
I woke in a room and I heard birds chirping. It was wonderful but I don't care,my only preguntas were who I was and where. My Head was ringing and my neck was aching too. I moved my head to get rid of the aching neck. I just know that my name was Natsuki(Meaning:Summer-Hope). My last name? I don't know. But suddenly a guy with blonde back length hair came in the room. "You are awake...hm",the guy said. He somehow was kawaii.
"Where am I?" I asked the guy. I have to know where I am! I don't like it to get no answers. "You're at the akatsuki HQ...hm. And por the way,who are you?"the guy asked...
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Kyoto was only three when her parents died,so she had to mover in with her moms brother,her only other family member,kanto.who unfortunately,was an alcoholic.....

"COME HERE U LITTLE perra SO I CAN FUCKING KILL U!!!" Kanto yelled.I ran into the bathroom and jumped in the tub.*this fucking sucks balls man.....I didn't DO anything.*I thought as I shook in fear.when kanto came inicial he was drunk,he'd also found out I ate 4 of his chocolate chip granola bars without asking.WHAT THE HELL,IS IT ILLEGAL GOR A KID TO EAT CANDY!? Kanto walked upstairs like a drunken phsyco,(which he was) and searched around.but,the...
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posted by TishMiyu
"Deidara we shouldn't fight sisho. (another of my ocs) She says with concern in her only eye. "relax tish." Deidara says with a smile "We are working together. Nothing can beat our jutsus combined." She looks down, and says "but she uses poison. And She has the nine point sharingan." He looks at her. She stares back. "C'mon tish, It won't be bad. We can take her. Trust me." She has a deep trust for her brother and she follows him to the uchiha girl. A fight goes on for 3 days between them. After the 2nd día was over, they were all beat up and weak. naruto comes out of nowhere and looks at sisho....
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"There she is,after her!!" The ANBU ninja yelled as they chased the girl through the forest.she was a 8 yr old girl with black hair in a ponytail,held up por a blue hair tie with a black camisa, camiseta white shorts with a hidden mist headband in the back pocket and black sandals with her family crest on it....what was that crest tu may ask? A kunai...yeah,not very creative of a crest huh? Well there it was on the back of her shirt....that girl was me,kyoto toriyaka of the infamous toriyaka clan.....yeah,we're boss as hell tu can trust me on that....our ancestors were the founders of the mist....toriyaka...
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lol! u might see l and light in here 2 idk why!
Chapter 8: kyo-chan and sharky-kun:father and adopted daughter?

"Gotcha!!" I shouted as I grabbed kisanes neck in piggyback form.we had gone to the playa for vacation.me and kisame had just finished training,so we played in the ocean."not quite,kid.." he disappeared."a substitution jutsu!" I exclaimed. I looked around.*left,right,down,above..." I thought. Were the heck was kisame? "RAAAAAARRR!!!" he shouted as he popped out of the water and pushed me under.it wasn't to long,though until he pulled me back up.he threw me up into the air and caught me." Now I got u..." he said. I laughed as he...
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