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Ieva0311 apoyar por mí a my videos
Your welcome
Especially when I see fellow Shinhwa Changjo here ofc I will be your friend
tu wouldnt mind if I add banner in your encuesta in JunJin club
I have already made banners for all Shinhwa members and was about to make encuestas haha just tu were first
If tu mind I won't add it
I have iconos too
publicado hace más de un año
shinedit18 comentó…
oh no please add a banner in Jun Jin club too! (and all members) and iconos too? Lovely! I'm glad it is finally being updated, I was so happy seeing a banner on Shinhwa page :) hace más de un año
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SHINHWA 13 UNCHANGING PART 1 - “ORANGE” limited edition - PRE-ORDER- Links

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good luck in buying! :D publicado hace más de un año
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Don't miss first V-Live of Shinhwa !!

"The Only SHINHWA VliveChannel that u guys've been waiting
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11/03 8PM
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link to vlive:

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