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    Favorite Movie: mlp equstria girls
    Favorite Musician: rihanna
    Favorite Book or Author: mlp twilight sparkle and the crystal corazón spell
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The crystal empire is hosting the equstria games Im so excited publicado hace más de un año
Season 4 was epic but tu could have told twilight about the seeds before she went into the forest inless your STUPID
I thought tu were reformed I can easily tell not publicado hace más de un año
-Discord- comentó…
It...Slipped my mind. Ehehe... hace más de un año
kittycat3885 comentó…
IT SLIPPED YOUR MIND.well before tu told her she dicho that she may know what was going on with the everfree forest then at that moment tu jumped up I think we all know why BECAUSE tu KNEW WHAT tu DID WITH THE SEEDS!!!!!!!!! TWILIGHT AND HER FREINDS ARE ON TO tu BUSTER hace más de un año
-Discord- comentó…
Maaaaaybe I was just...Testing her. Yes. That--That's what we'll go with. hace más de un año
Discords the best (discord= !AWESOME!!!!!!!!!) publicado hace más de un año