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Hi publicado hace más de un año
Did Elena ever tell Stefan that she was in amor with him? o to anyone else about him? I only remember "I amor tu Stefan" o I amor Stefan. Maybe missed it? Also do I understand well that the real face of Silas was always Stefan's face since he is his doppelganger? This whole set up will surely turn the whole story upside down. And yes, poor Stefan, really. This will definitely affect Damon and Elena in a huge way if they will find out and what comes out of it. Any comments? Delenaaaaa publicado hace más de un año
loveofdelena comentó…
it's almost as if the writer's put that poor victim stefan thing in there to make us feel sorry for him, and sympthyes with him, HA!! fat chance!! hace más de un año
lovesobrev comentó…
lol now staint is a doppelganger .oh wait then silas will have an elder bro ,which means at the end of 5 season damon will have a doppelganger too .lol hace más de un año
ggdelena comentó…
of course it will affect them but some happiness and cute moments before that hace más de un año
not sure if anyone here mentioned here as i didn't read all new post but isn't it symbolic that when they locked vervained Elena Stefan looks on and Damon asks are tu coming Stefan says ye, but in 119 when Damon and Elena lock vervained Stefan, she looks on and Damon asks her tu coming, she says she is going to stay and then Damon joins her and they stay together? If this wasn't an indication that SE are over I don't know what else. This was such a clear hint. Maybe my wishful thinking? publicado hace más de un año
Tiffyangel77 comentó…
The writers have been dissecting every SE moment in S4 ;) And it is a clear indication that things don't look good for SE hace más de un año
delenasalvatore comentó…
Yes, this was a definite parallel to 1x19. But Stefan knows he has to get over Elena. Clinging on to her won't do him any good. hace más de un año
loveofdelena comentó…
agreed. there have been so many hints that SE a couple destined for failure and doom. hace más de un año