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i amor tu and i miss tu and we need to have a deep convo one of these days to make up for our lack thereof cause perra i miss it. anyway. i adore your azada ass. wow i can't believe your birthday is in four days alskjaklj i'm so excited. i bought a card for tu and everything but i haven't even written in it ajhdsajd now i'm stressing. heh. i'll get it done :) i hope i can send tu all your presents soon (and that the last one even delivers) :eyeroll: i amor tu x publicado hace 3 días
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bRAIN STORMING kajshjdkajk i thought of the word like .02 segundos after i publicado on your muro lmao i'm pathetic. anyway. i amor the banner we have anyway but i'm thinking maybe tu could make another one. :shruggityshrug: hahaha i amor how your link basically dicho i amor herpes i can't. that's me for you. tryna be sweet but saying i amor a venereal disease instead. don't tu amor me? publicado hace 3 días
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i wanna change our club look too!! what should we change it too? something with bob's burgers but that's as far as my brain spreeing goes. brain spreeing? brain fogging? what's the word. brain...washing? uh...what's the word where tu just pescado for ideas? brain tumoring? i'm so confused. well. whatever the fuck word that's as far as my brain works and apparently it's not working at all tonight. working with kids has it's perks -_- publicado hace 3 días