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NagisaFurukawa- apoyar por mí a my answers
I see your in MegaMan Club. But not active. Looking adelante, hacia adelante to Mega Man 11 Video Game that Capcom is doing. publicado hace 4 meses
Gokuzumaki comentó…
por the way I don't know what apoyar do o what they really are. I also am not active in the Mega Man club because the other members are not. hace 4 meses
NagisaFurukawa- apoyar por mí a my links
Please can tu registrarse Digimon fan club? Thank you. ----> link publicado hace 4 meses
Gokuzumaki comentó…
I think Mega Man 11 looks alright. I was hoping for más but I'm not complaining since they finally brought Mega Man back. It's like tu read my mind since I was thinking of joining the Digimon club. hace 4 meses
Bratz4life apoyar por mí a my comments
I like Sasuke Ugihah i dunno how to spell the last name. Don't let haters get to you. He is a popular character for a reason. Besides naruto Uzumaki that is. publicado hace 4 meses
Gokuzumaki comentó…
Yeah I just get tired of seeing hate for Sasuke for no reason. The only time he desrves hate is when he goes like "and then I'm going to become Hokage". por the way it's spelled Uchiha. hace 4 meses