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los beatles

What's your fave Beatles song?

32 answers | my answer: <i>Something</i>.
Jane Austen

Did tu guys read Mansfield Park?

2 answers | my answer: I'm currently lectura it :) Its good! I like the...
Prison break, en busca de la verdad

Will we see LJ again?

10 answers | my answer: Yes. He is an important part of the story :)
Prison break, en busca de la verdad

Why do tu think season 1 is the best season??

7 answers | my answer: Season 1 is the best season, in my opinion :)

Help me name a character?

41 answers | my answer: I vote Liam! :)
Orgullo y prejuicio

Don't tu think that Lydia was just annoying? Both in the movie and the book.

7 answers | my answer: She was annoying and selfish :|

What Is Your favorito! Film of this decade?

24 answers | my answer: <i>There Will Be Blood</i>, which is also my favour...

What was the longest (duration time) movie tu ever saw?

27 answers | my answer: <i>Wyatt Earp</i> - 3 and a half hours.
Robin capucha, campana

Which was the episode where we first meet Alan-a-dale?

2 answers | my answer: I think its in the pilot episode (season 1 episode...
Robin capucha, campana

Is Joe Armstrong (Alan) and Jonas Armstrong (Robin) any relation to each other??

3 answers | my answer: No, I don't think so.