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How do tu make two teenagers who ride mz dirtbiking that just met each other at a race fall in amor without sounding weird?
Help needed!
 Firewriter posted hace más de un año
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Kantanelly said:
I have no idea what mz dirtbiking is but if it is the only thing in common at the beginning then it's got to be where they first meet right? If they heard rumors about one o each other it would help develop feelings of see and wonder before they truly meet face to face. If not, then teenagers can fall in amor at the drop of a pin. I assume mz dirtbiking involves danger and tricks. Just have the girl do some awesomely impressive stunts that get the dudes attention then have her brush him off at first making him desire this mysterious chick who rocks his dirt bike world.

Not my cup of tea, but good luck!
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posted hace más de un año 
thank you! I actually meant MX dirtbiking. lol. spell check sucks. But yeas, thank tu so much!
Firewriter posted hace más de un año
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