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la elección de los fans: Bill Denbrough
la elección de los fans: Stand por Me
Stand por Me
la elección de los fans: I'm a loner
la elección de los fans: it
the stand
la elección de los fans: The Shawshank Redemption
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cruiser04 dicho …
I have three cine as well they are green mile shawshank redemption and of course the movie IT publicado hace más de un año
cruiser04 dicho …
I am ahuge Stephen king fan and have 65 of his libros and most definatly I would go back and read them all over again publicado hace más de un año
thepotman dicho …
I was a SKEMERS member decades ago. Does that group still exist? I was also on SK's autograph for three years only to get a book (not signed) and letter from SK stating he quit that practice. Being in Jacksonville, NC (home of más than 50,000 Marines (one of my Alma Maters), I will probably never get to see SK in person and get a signing. Does anyone know if he is coming near the coast of NC? publicado hace más de un año