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la elección de los fans: Heck yeah!!Who hasn't
Heck yeah!! Who hasn&# 39; t
No but I want to
la elección de los fans: Men in black
Men in black
bad boys
la elección de los fans: will smith
hard to stay! amor EM BOTH
la elección de los fans: I am legend
la elección de los fans: will smith
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Tamwic dicho …
Would wish I could let him know how appreciated and important he is. With us losing so many people/celebrities/artists, etc; it would be nice to let him know, instead of saying it in a tribute. He works hard, and would just like him too know that he and his work are appreciated and I can see a little bit of him come out in what he does. I believe he has positively influenced a lot of people. And for that I thank him. Again I wish there was a way to let him know this. publicado hace 4 meses
hsinformatica dicho …
Always will be the fresh prince hahaha publicado hace más de un año
johnnybj23 comentó…
yep. always will be known as fresh prince. hace más de un año
ExterminatorBR dicho …
you're fucking publicado hace más de un año