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posted by boomerlover
 Brick interview.
Brick interview.
Narrator: So Brick, what's it like being the leader?

Brick: Oh... I personally think it's a great honor.

Narrator: There has been rumors that tu are the brains behind the plans of the Rowdyruff Boys. Is that correct?

Brick: Precisely. I come up with all of our plans of attack as tu have seen...

Boomer and Butch: (from the background) Liar!

Brick: As I was saying before I was *RUDELY* interrupted... *I* come up with all of our plans whether the boys want to admit it o not.

Narrator: I see... so I want to ask you... I hear that Butch likes to call tu "Mr Mom". What is that about?

Brick: Oh that......
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posted by boomerlover
It was a quiet, sunny día in Townsville and blossom Utonium was resting near the lake unaware of the three boys watching her

Brick, Butch, and Boomer the Rowdyruff Boys were watching the young hero

"I'm tired of hiding why cant we just go attack her?" asked Boomer

"Shhh do tu want her to hear us?" dicho an annoyed Butch

"Ok lets just do this" Brick dicho looking at Blossom who was still sitting siguiente to the lake looking at her reflection

"Butch your in charge of making the distraction, Boomer make sure her sisters don't mostrar up"

"Why do I have to get stuck with that job" Boomer whined...
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 C'mon girls! We can't let the RowdyRuff Boys win!
C'mon girls! We can't let the RowdyRuff Boys win!
NARRATOR: Ah, Townsville. A perfect place to be! If tu amor cold winter days, and warm summer nights, then Townsville is the perfect inicial for you!

(Scene changes to the RowdyRuff Boys.)

BRICK: So, what do tu guys feel like doing today?

BOOMER: Ooo ooo! I have an idea!!!

BRICK: Butch, got any ideas?


BUTCH: I don't, but I think Boomer does.

BRICK:*sigh* fine. Boomer, what do tu think?

BOOMER: We could tick off the girls and get a decent fight!!

BRICK: Wow, that's actually a good idea! Butch, what do tu think?

BUTCH: Fine with me!

(The boys fly por the PPGS house.)

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posted by boomerlover
 Stupid Hotline!
Stupid Hotline!
The hora is late at the house of Utonium. The sky is dark and starry, crickets are chirping in the yard, most everything seems serenely calm tonight. From inside the domicile, BLOSSOM calls out to her sister…

BLOSSOM: Hey, Bubbles! Why don’t tu check the messages?

So BUBBLES, smiling pleasantly, cooperatively picks up the receiver of the Powerpuff Hotline.


The answering machine of the POWERPUFF HOTLINE chirps out from the telephone’s speakerphone setting in the cheerful, if robotically disjointed, voice of an articulate young woman.

HOTLINE: tu Have Three Hundred Forty One...
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posted by boomerlover
 Butch and his video games...(of course.)
Butch and his video games...(of course.)

Role: Butch is the toughest of the Rowdyruff Boys.

Personality: Butch's personality puts the "rowdy" in Rowdyruff. His personality is like that of a typical little boy. Like Buttercup, he likes to play rough and fight. He also is mostly the bully of the group. Because of that, Butch is the fuente of the arguments he has with his brothers. But don't let the spikes and nails fool you! Butch actually has más of a soft side más than Buttercup does. Like Brick, he prefers to bottle it rather than mostrar it most of the time. Butch is also a very jealous boy.

Intelligence: Butch is the least intelligent...
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Well another normal día for the rowdyrights...Bash is on the sofá reading,Blake is punching his meat,and Breaker coloring a flower.You went to pay Breaker a visit since nobody ever did.Knock!Knock!Knock! "Hi(__)! Do tu need something?" asked the raven haired boy." actualy.. but do tu want to go to the park?" "Sure i`d amor too!" exclaimed breaker as he embraced tu into a oso, oso de hug."BYE BASH!!!BYE BLAKE!!!" as soon as he closed the door,he grabbed tu hand causing tu to blush."W-What are tu d-doing Breaker?!?" "well since tu cant fly(___), i have to fly tu there!" "Wuhhh?!-GAHHHHH!!!"...
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 PPG teens.
PPG teens.
(Note: they powerpuff girls are 17 and the rowdyruff boys are 18)

NARRATOR:Ah! What a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the girls are probably just waking up as the sun rises!

BLOSSOM:Buttercup,Bubbles wake up! It's 6:00!

BUBBLES:WHAT??!! Blossom, it's 6:00! Are crazy??!!

BLOSSOM:No, I'm not!Get up!

BUBBLES:Yes tu are! I'm not getting up!

NARRATOR:Man Blossom, get ahold of yourself! Do tu have any idea what time it is??!!

PROFESSOR:Blossom, why ya up so (yawn...) so early?

BLOSSOM:Because Proff- wait your right! Why am I awake so early??

BUBBLES:Yeah Blossom! Don't tu remember?...
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posted by boomerlover
Once upon a time there was a very conservative knight named Sir Brick. He was the most chivalrous in the land; he was always fighting for his country, he was respectful to women and he was loyal. He was every girl's dream; smarts, look and attitude. However, Sir Brick was not the hookup type o the type that goes for a girl just for her beauty. He was the get-to-know-you type. Most girls in the land wanted his love, but one por one, he's turned them down.

One day, he decided to let four princesses compete for his love. The four princesses were Princess Blossom, Princess Berserk, Princess Brat...
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posted by bubbles12320
 I amor YOU!!
(Brick and Boomer start talking to Buttercup)

Brick: Wow Buttercup! tu look GOOD!

Buttercup: Thanks!

Boomer: YEAH! hola tu wanna hangout tonight?

Buttercup: Umm.. no thanks im busy tonight

Brick: OH!! SHOT DOWN COLD!!!!!!!! (laughs hystarically)

Boomer: GOD SHUT UP BRICK!!!!!


(Brick and Boomer start fighting)

Bubbles:(crying) OH Boomer!!!

Blossom: I cant believe it! She just starts dressing a little differently and they start drooling after her!! Unbelieveable! but very intresting....

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posted by boomerlover
Narrator: So Boomer, what's it like being the cute one?

Boomer: It's fun! I get free dulces and toys sometimes.

Narrator: I see. Well, if there's one thing, that is special about you, is that tu are not afraid to mostrar who tu really are.

Boomer: Uh huh. My brothers often get embarrassed por me when we are in public but they are jealous because I can be girly and manly. I'm the best of both.

Narrator: Interesting. I must ask you, explain your manly side for us?

Boomer: Well, I like to eat beetles, and... uhh... I kick butt, but for crime fighting purposes only. Hmm... and put on some of Brick's cologne...
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posted by bubbles12320
Narrator: Meanwhile.......


Boomer: Man I cant wait to see the look on Bubbles face when I give her my present!!

Brick: WHAT? That stuffed pig!? HAH!! Its trash compared to the pearl bracelat i got her!!!

Butch: FAKE pearls that is!

Brick: Oh shut up Butch!! Your just mad cuz tu dont have a special girl to give a gift to!

Butch: GRR! I would if Buttercup would give me a chance!!

Brick: HAH! Good luck! That girl is harder to get to than that new game I want! HAHA!

Butch: SHUT UP! I will one day!!

Boomer: Even I know thats not gunna happen!!...
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NARRATOR: Looks like the fans were right! They DO fall in love!!

BUTTERCUP: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?!!!!!!!!

BUTCH: Jeeze, do tu hate me that much?

BUTTERCUP: A lot más than tu think!!!


BOOMER: I KNEW IT! He does have a soft spot for her!!!

(Butch gives him an evil look and picks him up por his camisa, camiseta coller.)

BUTCH: Boomer, your gonna die.

BOOMER*scared*: Bri-Brick!! Help!

BUTTERCUP: What a baby. Bubbles doesn't even call o help when I manhandle her!

(Boomer gets mad and socks Butch in the face, causing his mouth to bleed.)

BOOMER: Call me a baby now, eh?

BRICK: Boomer!

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 Butterscotch,Billy, and Blitzy fighting.
Butterscotch,Billy, and Blitzy fighting.
PROFESSOR: Butch! Buttercup! Wake up!


PROFESSOR: The machine is ready!

BUTCH: Cool!

(He gets up and runs to the lab, fallowed por Buttercup.)

PROFESSOR: Alright every one, this machine will ONLY speed up time. Not bring tu back to the age tu were. Ready?

BUBBLES: Wait, how old will we be?

PROFESSOR: Just wait and find out.

(The professor presses the button and it warps them into time. The girls are 28, and the boys are 29. And oh yeah, they have kids.)

BUTTERCUP: Ugh, where am I?

????:MOMMY!!!! MAKE HIM STOP!!!!

BUTTERCUP: Huh? Whoa! My vision! Has it come true?

????: Mommy, Billy is being...
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 Blake and Blazey
Blake and Blazey
(This is when Blossom and Brick are married and have a boy and a girl. Blake (orange eyed, and has naranja shirt, and black pants, and rrb shoes, 5 año old boy, brown hair that is short on the left and long on the right.)And Blazey ( Has Brick's eyes and wears a red dress with a stripe across and has Brick's hair from when he was a kid and ppg shoes.)

BRICK: Okay kids. Watch!

(He dials a misceláneo # and waits for someone to pick up. Someone does and he says something.)

BRICK: Hello ma'am, OH SIR! Sorry! owe 30,000 dollers to us, the Bank of America. Goodbye!

BLAZEY: DADDY! Why did tu that?...
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 Not in this pt., but it okay.
Not in this pt., but it okay.
NARRATOR: (Sobing) The girls are growing up...

BUTTERCUP: I'm excited! My first date!!!


BUTTERCUP: Wow Bubbles calm down.

BUBBLES: Sorry! Can't help it~!!

BUTTERCUP: Is Blossom gonna get out of the ducha, ducha de soon?


BUTTERCUP: Hey, I have an idea!



(Buttercup goes into the cocina and turns on the sink, warm. All of asudden, tu hear Blossom scream upstairs. She come out in a rosado, rosa towel, and gives Buttercup an evil look and growls.)

BLOSSOM: Buttercup....

BUTTERCUP: Just get back in the shower, tu wet skunk.


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 How do tu throw one?
How do you throw one?
(The scene starts out as a sunrise and a white blanket of snow, and glistening icecicles.)


(Bella throws a snowball, but Bryce dodges it, throwing one at her-he missed.)


BELLA: Hey, don't worry Bryce! When I was 1 I couldn't throw well either! Daddy taught me how to throw! tu should go to him!

BRYCE: Okay...........

(He goes inside fallowed por Bella.They find Boomer watching TV.)

BELLA: Daddy, can tu teach Bryce how to throw a snowball?


BELLA: tu know, like tu taught me.

BOOMER: Uh......okay....

(They walk outside and Boomer picks up some...
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posted by boomerlover
Dear journal,

Today was kinda meh. MEH! My classmates were rude!

Blossom~My bossy hot-headed sister! All she did ALL day, was watch Brick! She was just sitting there, NOT PAYING ATTENTION, staring at him! She finally got called on por Miss Keane and didn't know the answer to the question! That REALLY embarassed her in front of Brick! Hope that teached her a lesson!

Buttercup~She has a crush on Butch, and Butch has a crush on her. They're just afraid to tell each other! I mean, Boomer went STRAIGHT up to me, and told me! Why can't Buttercup do it? And she calls me a baby! Jeeze!

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posted by XxPowerPuffxX
Bersek:Brat clean the smudge tu mad on the mirror
Brat:-cleans the smudge on mirror-
Berserk:It's still there!
Brute:Oh ill clean it -cleans really hard-

Berserk:Were are we???
Brat:Brute what did tu do?!?!
Brute:Uhh....clean the mirror

Meanwhile in the Powerpunks room.....

Blake:-looks in Powerpunk's window-i don't see them
Bash:Maybe they got tired of always beating us up
Breaker:Let's check their room

(Rowdyright boys go in Powerpunk's room)

Breaker:-stares at their mirror-what an odd mirror
(Rowdyright boys get sucked in it)

Breaker:Were are we
Blake:I think were in a parallel universe
Bash:I think your...
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posted by XxPowerPuffxX
Manwhile with the PowerPunks and the PowerPuffs...

Brat:And thats what happened
Brute:Im getting tired of staying here
Berserk:Ya let go rob a bank
(PowerPunks go to rob a bank)
Bubbles:I don't think there super heros...

Meanwhile with the RowdyRuffs & the RowdyRights...

Butch:That sounds like a bunch of -
Breaker:Watch your mouth
Butch:Why don't tu make me!
Brick:-sees PowerPunks robbing a bank and thinks there the PowerPuffs-wow the puffs gone bad
Butch:Buttercup looks kinda-
Boomer:And Bubbles looks kind of-
Brick:Lets go help them be EVIL!
-the RowdyRuff Boys fly over to the PowerPunk...
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NARRATOR:The girls are now quietly sleeping and....oh! Whats this?! Bliss is waking up at
5:00 in the morning!

BLISS:Girls come on, wake up already!

BUNNY:What? Its 5:00 in the morning. "yawn" Go back to sleep.

BLISS:Its the first día of middle school. We need
to get up early.

BLAST:Go back to sleep. School starts at 8:00 and its... holy crud! 5:05! How do tu wake up at this

BLISS:I don't know. Maybe its out of being to excited.

BUNNY:I think that's the answer, Bliss.

BLAST:Can we talk about this at 7:00 Bliss. I am really sleepy.

BLISS: Morning

(Bliss goes back to sleep and Blast and Bunny follow)...
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