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Fan fiction by rorymariano posted hace más de un año
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THE LIT lista (Written por Lady.of.Victory.Rising on

(and it is not in any particular order)

1. She was with Dean, kissed Jess. She was with Logan, kissed Jess. She was with Jess, kissed Jess. Only.

2. She has a special smile just for him (look at the hi! hi! scene in Let The Games Begin, o when she first sees him in Balalaikas. That's just happiness in it's purest form).

3. Their chemistry has always been earth-shattering.

4. He was the only one of her boys she was actually friends with. Hence Jess = boyfriend, Dean = self proclaimed owner, Logan = f*ck buddy she had fun with and wanted to fix. Okay, that was mean. I like Logan. But tu must admit, it was kind of a weird relationship.

5. They never even broke up!

6. Balalaikas- She tried to shrug off Logan's hand when he put her arm around her when he was leading her to the car. Watch the scene where Logan meets Jess again veeeeery carefully. You'll see it as they're walking away. Clearly, she's feeling a little awkward being with another guy while Jess is standing RIGHT THERE...
Opinion by LiteratiLove posted hace más de un año
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She is his book tease; his fast-talking, optimistic, coffee addicted, town princess. The amor of his life. She’s everything he isn’t but everything he wants.
He’s her monosyllabic, ice cream is better in cones, Hemingway wannabe, metallica listening bad boy. The amor of her life.
She can’t help herself around him. No matter how much she wants to believe it isn’t true, she needs him.
Words, old dead white guys, margin writing, late night flirting over coffee and literature brought them together. But, at eighteen, they stood worlds apart.
estrella crossed lovers, maybe. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, probably. Rick and Ilsa, of course.
They weren’t supposed to be together. She wanted nothing más to hate him, and as fate would have it, something always kept them apart.
Rory and Jess are that long, over-arching amor story, where everything is perfect and new for about as long as it takes Jess to finish a cigarette.
But as soon as those embers hit the ground, something happens to pull them apart.
Opinion by unfair_love posted hace más de un año
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I was a fool
I was so busy with me
I could not see

This is jess talking

Now I see
And I want to start over…
I amor you

I did not know the meaning
Of love
tu taught me it
I lied to you, I didn’t talk to you
tu don’t deserve me

I can see now
I can see that I want
tu to have the best,
If tu except then
I will never hurt you
If tu reject then surly
I will never bother you

Will tu marry me?

this is Rory

I know you
I know that tu won't hurt me
I know

I know that tu amor me
I also know that I amor you
But life isn't all about amor

All of my body and mind is saying "GO GO WITH HIM!"
So insted of sating no to my body I will say