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Kaoru: YES! summer's over!! back to school again and we have new classmates!!

Momoko: *yawn* aisshh im still tired!

Miyako: how will tu get tired if u just woke up?!?

Kaoru: k, bye im goin to school

Momoko: woah shez so early

Miyako: no excited *looking at the window* and shez skateboarding

*at the road*

Kaoru: *bump*

Butch: careful

Kaoru: uhh k *blush*

Butch: r u boy o a girl?

Kaoru: *tomboy?* i am a boy

Butch: uhh, k

Momoko: hola kaoru wait!

Miyako: shez so fast:

Momoko: really excited.

*at the classroom/school*

Kaoru: no new classmates!?!

Miyako: maybe later they'll come

Momoko: hola LOOK! the rrbz is here...
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Today is school. I was tired, but I got up and got ready. As I left the apartment building, Katsou dicho hi and walked to school with me. We were talking about sports when there was a flash. When it was gone, we saw Himeko running and giggling.
"That little-!" I started to say, but Katsou told me to calm down so I don't go crazy. "Fine." I grumbled. When we reached school, everyone in homeroom went right up to us, asking if we were dating. "No, we aren't. Why would tu think that?" They all pointed at Himeko, saying that she told them we were. If I weren't surrounded por everyone, I would've...
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The English transformation, from the episodes released in the philippines. Sorry if this as already been added por someone.
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