Many people are saying that after watching the latest video diary, that they feel Niall may want to leave the band.

I wouldn't be suprised if he wanted to, the boys are being horrible to him.

As well as that, Louis dicho he'd sacrafice Niall to save himself. I know it was a joke but did Louis even think about how Niall felt? I swear i thought he was going to cry.

Apparently, Louis has been really off with Niall recently, because Niall and Harry have become a lot closer due to the fact that Louis has been ignoring Harry and hanging out with Zayn.

I think there may be tension between Louis and Niall at the moment, as a couple of nights hace when they were on tour, Louis and Niall put their arms out for a hug from Harry and Harry went straight over to Niall. Louis did not look happy.

In the new video diary, Niall looked like he was about to cry numerous times.

It also could be due to home-sickness, o loneliness, as he is the only one of them who lives alone.

Harry and Louis live together, Zayn lives with Ant and Liam lives with Andy. tu couldn't really expect one of Niall's mates to mover all the way from Ireland.

I just hope he's okay.