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 Ki'loni's room
Ki'loni's room
5:00 am At MB's House....
Kiesha:*banging on doors*wake up wake up wake up!!!
MB:*groans&moves over*
Kiesha:don't make me get Kenneth on y'all
MB:*jumps out of bed&falls on floor*
Ray:*groans*Kiesha come on it's to goddamn to be fucking around like dat
Kiesha:*pops mouth twice*watch dat mouth
Prod:OCD nigga OCD*laughs*
Kiesha:*pops his mouth*hey what i just say
Prod:*fake cries*i'm sorry Kiesha
MB except for Prod:*laughs*
Kiesha:y'all need to shut the hell up so i can fucking talk wich y'all bad asses!!!!
MB:*sits down quietly*
Keisha:iight now tu know Chris Brown's daughter right?
MB:sexy GiGi??...
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mindless behavior
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