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Following thousands of entries into our competition for Casino de Paris tickets we've now picked the winners and sent everyone an correo electrónico from one of the 10 correo electrónico addresses. Please make sure tu check your spam filters in case our correo electrónico gets blocked.

If tu have won a pair of tickets and can no longer attend the show, please reply to the correo electrónico por we sent tu por 12:00 on Monday and we'll reallocate the tickets. Please don't try to sell your tickets as tu will need foto ID to pick up your wristband for this mostrar and wristbands will only be attached to the person whose name is on the guest lista and their guest.
he Neutron estrella Collision (Love Is Forever) video and the 'Behind The Scenes' from the video shoot are now both available to watch in the media player.

Go to the link below to watch online now...


I know a lot of people do not like it that muse has written a song for Eclipse, but . . . .

For us muse fans who have known them for más than 5 o 10 years, we shouldn't care if it was for ECLIPSE, muse wrote a new fantastic song!!
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