Lord of the Rings what a classic. There is everything that tu need in a movie just to give it balance. tu have the tragedies,comedies, the romance, and the adventure. tu have this combined with super hot actors and beautiful actrices and tu have a movie hit! Lord of the Rings is an amazing movie because it has everything tu want in a movie. It is very hard to have a very good director and a very good actor at the same time! But with Peter Jackson's expertise and with Elijah Wood's amazing actuación talent, what else should tu get? The actuación is very good and the animación is very well done. Lord of the Rings is not one of those cheep and cheesy cine with really bad actuación that tu see with Hallmark channel's movies, it is a very well done and very sharp movie. Lord of the Rings also has very realistic battling scenes. When they "drive" the sword into the ork, it actually looks like as if they killed it. The Lord of the Rings is just an amazing movie, it is one of the best cine I have ever seen! Also one part that I just want to point out is the wardrobe. The outfits are amazing. Eowyn's white dress is beautiful. Like I dicho this is not a really cheesy movie with bad outfits and unrealistic battle scenes. This is a very good movie. I hope that tu get to watch that movie again, and if tu haven't then please do!