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Loliver (Lilly + Oliver) - Shout It

Loliver - tu Are The One

Brand NEW Loliver Moments


LOLIVER || i wanna touch you.. ♥

LOLIVER || i wanna touch you.. ♥

Lilly/Oliver [ Loliver ] - One Time

Lily/Oliver- Falling Down

Lily/Oliver- The Way We Talk

Oliver/Lilly [ Loliver ] - Stuttering

Lily/Oliver- Look After tu

"Did the sun just come out, o did tu smile at me?" [Lily/Oliver]

Lilly/Oliver - I Wanna Know tu

Lilly/Oliver [ Loliver ] - Catch Me

Oliver/Lilly [ Loliver ] - First fecha

Loliver - I Wanna Know tu

Loliver - If I Didn't Have tu

Lilly and Oliver- Hot 'N Cold with Lyrics

Lilly&Oliver | Into Your Arms

Lilly/Oliver - amor Story

Oliver/Lilly [ Loliver ] - The Way tu Make Me Feel

OMG - Loliver plus Chair and Seddie - Major Spoilers!

Tell Me Why-Loliver

Lilly und Oliver - She is a lady (loliver)

Lilly/Oliver - Take Me As I Am

BE WITH YOU.loliver


Loliver-Your Not Sorry

~Loliver~ Just Dance!

Loliver {when i found you}

Oliver is Lilly's one amor

Loliver Forever

loliver | breathe [Collab with MissYoYoMusicFan]

What i like about tu (Loliver vid)

loliver-i wanna no u xXx

Loliver {White Horse}

When It Was Me [ Moliver/Loliver ] ♥

[Loliver] - I'm Shouting it.... I amor tu Lilly.

o x y g e n ♥ l o l i v e r { ♥ for zarixae ♥ }

Loliver - Emily Osment & Mitchel Musso

I Wanna Lollie!

Loliver - Foundations

Loliver;;Midnight Romeo


Jiley/Loliver - Like It o Leave It

Knock you down;; loliver

Girlfriend-Oliver Lilly/Joanie


Walking on sunshine! Multicouples? :)

GirlFriend Lilly Oliver GiGi vista previa Only


Knock tu Down // Loliver !

Oliver/Lilly/Lucas - I Just Laugh

Standing Out In The Rain (Lilly/Oliver)

I Have Exposed Your Lies - Channy/Seddie/Loliver

{Epic Loliver Promo} - Revamped. :)

Whoa Oh - Loliver

Lilly&Oliver - (You Didn't Have To) Walk Away

disney finally did something smart, and put Lilly and Oliver together.

What did i do to your corazón - Loliver

Lilly&Oliver | Before The Storm {dedicated to mariyah63♥}

catch me, oliver.

Mitchel Musso Thinks Lily/Oliver Are Like A Old Married Couple :)


Lily/Oliver - Drops of Jupitar

Oliver & Lily Why dont tu kiss her

Lily and Oliver - Miracle ♥

All the things she dicho - Lily, Oliver & Joannie

Come On Get Higher: Lilly & Oliver

Lilly/Oliver [ Loliver ] - Long Distance

Lilly And Oliver~ Finally Together(Together at last) disney Promo!

Ocean Avenue: Lilly & Oliver [Hannah Montana]

10 Things I Hate About You: Lilly & Oliver [Hannah Montana Style]

Lilly & Oliver [Loliver] - He could be the one

Lilly And Oliver Will Be Together(Read Description)

Catch Your Wave - x - [Lilly/Oliver] *Song was replaced

Lilly & Oliver - How Do tu Sleep

Only amor - Loliver

Lilly & Oliver - This Is Me

Chemicals React- Lily and Oliver

Lily and Oliver: Just Wanted Your amor

Lily and Oliver: Won't Say I'm In amor

Lily and Oliver - i wanna know tu

LOLIVER - Match made in heaven


Lilly/Oliver | Breathing el espacio


Lilly & Oliver (:

Lily/Oliver- Us Against The World


Loliver - She Moves In Her Own Way

Lily/Oliver- Everytime We Touch

Lily/Oliver/Joannie- Until You're Mine

Oliver/Lily/Jackson- Free Fallin'

Lily/Oliver- Into Your Arms

Lily/Oliver- Shout It

LIly/Oliver- World War 3

Lily/Oliver- Way Back Into amor

Lily/Oliver- Just The Girl