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36 Times Dr House Was A Complete Savage

1x20 'Love Hurts' Scene ~ Ramona, tu Naughty Girl

2x13 'Skin Deep' ~ Skin Deep

4x14 'Living The Dream' ~ Prescription Passion

4x08 'You Don't Want To Know' ~ Magician Blows House's Mind

4x11 'Frozen' Scene ~ frozen Trouble

"Cat" pee on House's chair

7x13 'Two Stories' Scene ~ Pulp Fiction

5x20 'Simple Explanation' Scene ~ Kutner's Death

Thirteen Returns Featurette | House M.D.

1x21 'Three Stories' Scene ~ Everybody Lies

8x02 'Transplant' Scene ~ House Is Back!

6x17 'Lockdown' Scene ~ We're Better Off Alone

7x09 'Larger Than Life' Scene ~ The Poster Vandal

5x16 'The Softer Side' ~ House Stops Breathing

Anatomy Of A Bus Crash | House M.D.

2x02 'Autopsy' Scene ~ Clinic Gone Bad

2x09 'Deception' Scene ~ navidad Deception

3x10 'Merry Little Christmas' ~ navidad with Tritter

5x11 'Joy To The World' ~ Cuddy's navidad Surprise

4x10 'It's A Wonderful Lie' ~ House Performs A navidad Miracle

4x10 'It's A Wonderful Lie' ~ Secret Santa

1x05 'Damned If tu Do' Scene ~ Prescribing Cigarettes To Father navidad

7x04 'Massage Therapy' Scene ~ Massage for Cuddy

2x01 'Acceptance' Scene ~ Somebody Should Be Upset

6x01 'Broken [Part 1]' Scene ~ House Messes With Other Patients

6x04 'The Tyrant' Scene ~ Phantom Limb Pain

Huddy Dissected | House M.D.

7x01 'Now What?' Scene ~ House and Cuddy's Romance

5x22 'House Divided' Scene ~ Boombox Diagnosis

The Cast Discusses Their favorito! Episode | House M.D.

4x09 'Games' Scene ~ Why Are tu Afraid To Lose?

5x05 'Lucky Thirteen' ~ Lucky Thirteen

The Psychopath | House M.D.

2x02 'Autopsy' ~ The Big Surgery

3x01 'Meaning' Scene ~ House Was Right

Best Surgeries | House M.D.

4x16 'Wilson's Heart' Scene ~ Amber's Death

4x15 'House's Head' Scene ~ Cuddy's Striptease

At inicial With House And Wilson | House M.D.

6x03 'Epic Fail' Scene ~ Cooking With House & Wilson

halloween Special | House M.D.

36 Times Dr. House Was A Complete Savage

Cameron & Chase's Wedding | House M.D.

Season 3 Bloopers!

6x02 'Broken [Part 2]' Scene ~ House's Therapist

2x19 'Eurphoria' Scene ~ House Shoots A Corpse

It's Not Lupus! | House M.D.

2x15 'Clueless' Scene ~ oro Poisoning

2x18 'Sleeping perros Lie' Scene ~ Girl Lies To Get The Pill

Season 1 Bloopers!

3x15 'Half-Wit' Scene ~ House and Patrick Play the paino

1x09 'DNR' Scene ~ House Gets Humbled

House's Stalker | House M.D.

3x15 'Half-Wit' Scene ~ House and Cameron kiss

2x12 'Distractions' Scene ~ House Hallucinates

Best Of Cameron | House M.D.

Cuddy Gets House To Stop Touching Patients | House M.D.

1x01 'Pilot' Scene ~ House And Cuddy's First Fight

Best Of Chase | House M.D.

House Dates Cameron | House M.D.

Chase's Bachelor Party | House M.D.

Best Of Season 1 Intros | House M.D.

2x18 'Sleeping perros Lie' Scene ~ The Plague

House Vs. God | House M.D.

Best Of Breaking And Entering | House M.D.

Immaculate Conception | House M.D.

5x11 'Joy To The World' Scene ~ Inhaler Fail

Walk And Talk | House M.D.

Tritter's Revenge | House M.D.

1x02 'Paternity' Scene ~ House VS Anti-Vaxxer

Best Comebacks | House M.D.

2x02 'Autopsy' ~ Chase's kiss

2x24 'No Reason' Scene ~ House Gets Shot

Funniest Clinic Duties | House M.D.

2x24 'No Reason' ~ Eye Pops Out

2x12 'Distractions' Scene ~ Weber's Lecture

parte superior, arriba 5 Rarest Diseases | House M.D.

8x22 'Everybody Dies' Scene ~ House's Funeral

6x15 'Private Lives' Scene ~ Speed Dating

4x09 'Games' Scene ~ Rock 'n' Roll Seizure

3x22 'Resignation' Scene ~ Wilson On Speed

3x22 'Resignation' Scenes ~ Vegans

2x01 'Acceptance' Scene ~ Prison tatuajes

1x22 'Honeymoon' Scene ~ Stacy's Husband

1x17 'Role Model' Scene ~ Sexomnia

1x11 'Detox' Scene ~ Addiction

1x02 'Paternity' Scene ~ Night Terrors

1x01 'Pilot' Scene ~ The naranja Man

Gregory House | I'll Be Good

'The Good Doctor' Teaser Promo

House Season 6 Photoshoot

Hugh Laurie as House on 'Family Guy'

House makes a reference to Jack Bauer

House MD Dream Clips

Zombie - House MD

Season 3 House MD - Best Moments

Funny Karaoke Scene - House MD

House MD - The cane

Womennizer - Thirteen