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G.B.F. -- Official Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Movie

Evanna Lynch, Harry Potter Star, Photographed por Giuliano Bekor | FashionTV

The Warblers canto to Evanna Lynch - Leakycon 2012

Film Funday: Sinbad + Q&A

Bookworm: The Potterer

Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) Interview in The Great Hall @ The Harry Potter Studio Tour

Evanna Lynch interview at Harry Potter Studio tour

Evanna Lynch at Harry Potter Leavesden studio tour junket

● Luna comforts Harry after Sirius' Death

Luna Lovegood scenes

Meeting Evanna Lynch, Tom Felton, Jessie Cave + Matt Lewis

Evanna Lynch

Adtion tape

The cast talk about their favorito! lines

Matthew Lewis and Evanna Lynch in Helsinki, Finland 4.11.2010 HD Interview

Evanna Lynch & Matthew Lewis leave TV studio and sign autograph

Evanna Lynch HBP Londres permier

Intervista a Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood)

Evanna Lynch HBP tour Milan

Evanna Lynch HP video game interview

Evanna Lynch Interview HP

Evanna Lynch-A beautiful actress !!!

evanna lynch - thunder

Interview Tom Felton and Evanna Lynch in Greece

Evanna Lynch

18th birthday

Interview of Evanna Lynch ( Harry Potter Ootp )

Evanna Lynch Interview Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PONC @ Na cine

Evanna visits Temple calle Children's Hospital [December 21st, 2011]

Evanna Lynch Irish tv Interview (2011)

Cousin Geneva's Shoe

'll be loving Evanna Lynch always

Everybody loves Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch - the way I always see you.

Evanna Lynch ; isn't she precious?

Matt Lewis & Evy Lynch - Remember when....

Heartbeats-Matt & Evanna

Matt & Evanna // please tell me you'll stay

Evanna Lynch ; good life

Evanna Lynch l She's Got tu High

Evanna Lynch [Pretty, Pretty Please]

Final Harry Potter interviews - Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch) - Deathly Hallows Part 2

SnitchSeeker.com: Deathly Hallows: Part 2 interview with Evanna Lynch

Evanna and Phelps Twins in Rome

Evanna Lynch & Phelps Twins Apologise Rome fans

Evanna Lynch Talking About Her Favourite Spell - Deathly Hallows Part 2 Video Game

Evanna Lynch: Deathly Hallows Part 2 Videogame

Potter Cast at Soho manzana, apple Store Panel Discussion part 1

Interview with Warwick Davis and Evanna Lynch at HP The Exhibition

música the harry potter characters are into

Evanna Lynch and Matthew Lewis interviewed on Daybreak

First News TV chats to Matt Lewis and Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch& Bonnie Wright at Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

Evanna Lynch at Irish Films & televisión awards 2011

Evanna Lynch at Irish Films and televisión Awards 2011 ( IFTA )

Fanday Fridays - Evanna's first pregunta

Michael Doherty interviews Matthew Lewis and Evanna Lynch

Matt Lewis & Evanna Lynch talk Harry Potter films at Deathly Hallows fan event

siguiente time baby .. {[Evanna.Lynch]}

Evanna Lynch ♥ - About tu know

Evanna Lynch [A Little más Of You]

Evanna Lynch dancing!

Evanna & Bonnie at the Nickelodeon Kids Awards

Evanna Lynch & Bonnie Wright on Slink

Evanna Lynch Interview: (Australia's Herald Sun)

Evanna Lynch Interview (Order of the Phoenix)

Shorter and even SWEETER Evanna Lynch Interview

Short, but sweet Evanna Lynch Interview

Evanna Lynch Interview at Empire Film Awards 2008

"Ballad of Neville & Luna" the Remus Lupins

♥Luna Lovegood♥

Evanna Lynch - Luna Lovegood

Newsround Evanna Lynch Interview