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la elección de los fans: kind of ... i dont think he shoulda done it but i still luved him
la elección de los fans: Season Two - Angelus, Dru and Spike
la elección de los fans: Buffy (Death #2)
la elección de los fans: The Bronze. There's always a band playing and someone to "neck" with.
la elección de los fans: "Once More, With Feeling"
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AusBuf123 dicho …
Gosh no matter what mood im in, i can always count on this mostrar to make me feel better. Am re-watching the seaons as i type! publicado hace 27 días
jasamfan23 dicho …
Can't believe BtVS debut 19 years hace today publicado hace más de un año
buffylover112 dicho …
Buffy the vampire slayer rocks my mom grounds me from watching it cause I watch it to much, I know almost everything about Buffy........ I'm going to try to do a Buffy theme in my room after my uncle leaves, if anyone has ideas about what I should do for the theme please let me know. publicado hace más de un año