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Valiente Girls showed a very elegant and feminine charm for their debut song ‘Do tu Know’, but now they’ll transform radically for their upcoming ‘So Sexy’ música video. In it, they’re seen wearing charismatic uniforms, making fan boys especially excited for their return.

In the imágenes that were revealed, the girls mostrar off an enchanting and sexy dance. Member YeJin, who had boasted of her purity, sports an eye-opening bright blue wig and uniform style.

‘So Sexy’ was produced por Mr. Kang along with parte superior, arriba producer, Valiente Brothers and they had a hard time deciding between ‘So Sexy’...
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The ladies of Valiente Girls are wowing netizens with a new foto from their photoshoot with hip hop clothing brand, “Kayden.K“!

fans already knew that these five ladies had talent on stage, but who knew they could portray such a sexy charm as well?

With the group’s average height being 169 cm, the girls reportedly impressed staff with their model-like proportions, even without kill heels. The photoshoot’s concept utilized every male’s fantasía of coming inicial to his girl wearing his dress shirt.

A representative of the photoshoot commented, “The Valiente Girls have a unique trendiness to them both in their música and style that’s hard to find with other girl groups. They’re a perfect fit for the global market, which is why we chose them for our project.”
Seo Ah, the fourth member of the Valiente Brothers avatar group, Valiente Girls, has been catching the eyes of many netizens with her past photos.

Pictures have been surfacing on the internet of Seo Ah’s modeling days before her debut as a ‘Brave Girl’, and in the revealed photos, Seo Ah is showcasing her unreal body in a shoot for CeCi, as well as mostrando off her bright and confident expressions. She is receiving quite a bit of attention for being another ‘model-idol’.

After seeing the pictures, netizens stated, “Her body looks like a mannequin’s body”, “I wonder how they were able to get these members”, and “I hope they debut soon“.

Valiente Girls is composed of five members, including Son Dambi’s doppelganger, Hyeran, and Miss Korea participant, Yejin. They are set to debut soon por releasing their album in the beginning of April.
Valiente Brothers has put his name on the line for his own girl group, Valiente Girls. Despite debuting with a flood of other girl group debuts and comebacks, Valiente Girls outshined most just for being under the name Valiente Brothers alone.

That doesn’t mean the girls don’t have their own experience to back them up though. From Miss Korea titles to extensive dancing and vocal training, the girls are comfortable and confident with their skills.

That begs the question: what sets them apart from the other April girl groups? CHI CHI, Rania, 4minute, Rainbow, and others have all set out this mes to pave...
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On March 31st, producer Valiente Brothers finally unveiled two full imágenes of his highly-anticipated hip hop girl group, the Valiente Girls.

Comprised of members Eun Young (leader), Seo Ah, Yejin, Yoojin, and Hyeran, these five members boast an impressive training history, and were in the parte superior, arriba rankings of their trainee groups.

Their image has been divided into two concepts, with one featuring a chic, sexier look, while the other focuses on a más colorful and eccentric style.

Representatives of their agency revealed, “In the future, Valiente Girls will be mostrando both a strong charisma as well as an innocent and sweet look.”

Their debut single will be released on April 7th.
Following the released identities of members Eun Young and Hyeran earlier this month, Valiente Girls unveiled their third member, Yejin.

Yejin won the ‘Miss Seattle’ título at the 2008 Miss Korea competition, and has been earning much attention for her resemblance to “Secret Garden” star, actress Kim Sa Rang. Known for her beautiful looks and tall height, netizens are already highly anticipative of her vocal and performance skills.

Comprised of a total of five members, the girls are currently preparing for their debut siguiente mes with a genre specializing in hip hop and electronica. Stay tuned for the remaining two members!
Earlier this week, Valiente Brothers revealed the first member of his upcoming girl group, Valiente Girls.

On March 17th, member Hyeran was revealed to the public for the first time, and instantly caught attention for her resemblance to singer Son Dambi. Netizens quickly uncovered her old dance rehearsal videos, which led her name to feature on video portal sites like ‘M. Goon‘.

Netizens commented, “She looks really alike to Son Dambi,” “Doppelganger to Son Dambi,” “She has an awesome face and body,” and “I’m really anticipating this girl group.”

Valiente Girls was first introduced as a 4-5 member girl group specializing in charismatic performances of hip hop and electronica, like in the style of the Black Eyed Peas and Far East Movement.
Valiente Brothers‘ upcoming hip hop girl group, Valiente Girls, has just revealed their newest member and leader, Eun Young.

música fans and industry representatives alike have been anticipating this group ever since Valiente Brothers first announced their production last year. The anticipation has been amplified with the reveal of leader Eun Young, who is the niece of actor Shin Ha Kyun (known for “Wecome to Dongmakgol“, “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance“).

Netizens commented, “Just the fact that she’s Shin Ha Kyun’s niece makes me anticipate this group”, “So jealous she’s his niece”, and “I wonder what concept she’ll debut with.”

Valiente Girls was first introduced as a 4-5 member girl group specializing in charismatic performances of hip hop and electronica, like in the style of the Black Eyed Peas and Far East Movement.