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1 fan respondió a esta pregunta
1 fan respondió a esta pregunta
1 fan respondió a esta pregunta
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Withering-Moon dicho …
hola annie tu probably dont remember me but its Mallory ummm? Poem girl? publicado hace más de un año
LightSoul99 comentó…
Oh em gee!! holy galletas and sprite, mallory is that you?? oh i'd recognize that beautiful face anywhere <3 how are you?? tfta btw XD bandeja de entrada me whenever okey sweetie? missed tu a buuuunch!!! >w< xD hehe <3 hace más de un año
Withering-Moon comentó…
Yeah its really me and im doing really good actually. >.< how are you?? hace más de un año
LightSoul99 comentó…
Awww... that's good to hear :3 *hugs tu tight* i'm alright :) just reeeeally busy with reality and life ;) hehe. it's good to see tu malls c: xox hace más de un año
LightSoul99 dicho …
hola guys!
I'd like to say Happy Mother's día to tu all and, yes, I know it's a little weird saying that to [i]all of you[/] but for today, I will because of this special occasion for the all the mothers of the world :)

I hope everyone had spent it with immense joy, fun and wonders to their mothers today - making it special for them - and I hope today was a día they'll never forget :)
God bless tu all!
Light-nee-chan ^.^ publicado hace más de un año
LightSoul99 dicho …
I got a new piano!!! YAY!!! xD xD xD
But it's actually a keyboard paino but still!
I get to play songs on it! <3

I'M SO HAPPY!! XD publicado hace más de un año
LightSoul99 comentó…
I'm thinking of playing Frozen's Let It Go! What do tu think?? >.< hace más de un año