K-On! is a mostrar that may lack a real plot, but the mostrar is saved por its' cuteness which is brought to us por the main characters. This lista ranks the 5 members of anime's best band. I hope tu enjoy the list.

5. Ritsu

Ritsu is the leader of the band, but she appeals to me the least out of the band members. She's not as nice and charming as the other band members. She can be hard to stand when she gives Mio a hard time, but other than that she's a okay character. She's a tolerable character when she's not being disrespectful.

4. Yui

Yui is the closest thing the mostrar has to a protagonist. She's not the best choice for the protagonist, but I like her. She is cute and amusing so en general, general she may not be a complex protagonist, but she's a enjoyable character.

3. Tsumugi

Tsumugi is the charming and well mannered rich character. She has the sort of charm that the mostrar is really good at. Similar to Yui she's not that complex, but with her likeable personality traits and charming diseño she's a good character.

2. Azusa

Adding another character to the mostrar was a idea that I wasn't fond of. However Azusa turned out to be a good addition to the show. I was surprised por how interesting, likeable, charming, and cute she is. Her storylines and personality traits are really good and she made the mostrar better.

1. Mio

Mio's the most popular of the show's characters which is so well earned. Mio is the cutest character in all of anime. Her storylines are good, her personality traits are great, and she's about as charming and cute as possible. Mio's the best thing in the mostrar and 1 of the best anime girls ever.