Chapter 13: For the Win

(Song: For the Win-Two Steps from Hell)

Humphrey turned to his sister and smiled.

"You did the right thing back there," he said.

"What, did tu really think that after all of these years without you, I would just go back to my boring life as a house pet?" she asked. "Being separated from tu was the worst thing that's ever happened to me and I will never let it happen again."

"Thanks," Humphrey said, and then paused. "Losing tu was hard too, and I guess, even though I hardly remembered, deep down, I was still looking for you. And now that we're together, nothing is going to separate us ever again."

Kenya smiled back.

"Now let's finish this," Humphrey said.

The two siblings resumed the battle, now fighting with each other, protecting each other, and never letting the other out of their sight. The two had been separated for nearly twenty years and that bond that had been broken had been repaired now stronger than ever and nothing could break again. And as human after human approached them they remembered the short time they had happily lived together with their parents, but that time was now past and in order to protect their new family, they had to fight together to the end, relying on one another to push through.

Humphrey and Kenya, brother and sister of a shattered and broken pack, fought to protect all that they still knew and loved, to keep all that they had left of their former inicial so that they all might have a brighter future. But this newly renewed bond between these two siblings was about to be permanently broken again, in the most tragic of ways.