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 me and my best friends
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"Whoo Hoo!!!" Yelled Finn screaming down a colina made purley of chocolate, Jake was stuffing chocolate down his throat as he slide down the chocolate hill.

"Mmmm-Mmmm-Mmmm, Brother, This is some awesome chocolate!" Exclaimed Jake, licking chocolate off his fingers.

"You got that right!" dicho Finn back.

"Finn! Jake!" Yelled a Familiar voice.

"Princess Bubblegum!" Exclaimed Finn.

"Oh, there tu two are! Why are tu out here?" She asked.

"Just eating this chocolate." dicho Jake with a smile.

"Yeah, This colina is awesome." Finn Agreed.

"Well, tu two should start heading back soon, The Party of the Kings...
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Princess Bubblegum = The creators weren't expecting a "love relationship" going on in the beginning of the series. This mostrar is called Adventure Time, so they wanted to start off with adventures and not lovey-dovey stuff. Anyways, a 13 año old hooking up with a 18 año old wasen't really age appropriate I guess.

Marceline = I think Marceline was supposed to be más of a challange for Finn and Jake, not a amor intrest. Anyways, Marceline dosen't appear in alot of episodes anymore, so we cant learn much más aboout her past such in the episode "Memory of a memory", where we see Marceline with her ex, and her with her dad at the restraunt as her dad was eating her fries. Anyways, Marceline would never hook up with Finn.
''It's Adventure Time,
Come on, grab your friends!
We'll go to very distant lands!
With Jake the Dog and Finn the Human,
The fun will never end, it's ADVENTURE TIME!''

This articulo was way too short so we had to make it longer por escritura misceláneo X's
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So we're all know that Marcy is a thousand years old vampire - former half human and seta war only happened when she was a little girl (less than 10 years old, i think) but there is another human whose name's Finn is just only 14...So why in the present ( which is after seta war 1k years), there is one human left in the land of Ooo(who is Finn) and he is just only 14? There are at least 2 explainations for that:

1.The humans didnt really "get killed" all in the seta war and some of them didnt get mutated after the war, they still re-created pure human generations until about 12 years...
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