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 me and my best friends
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hope tu like it
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hola buddy! wanna read a Finname story? here tu go X3

Do tu remember the story of a boy and his first date?
She took him to the lake and he fell in love…
She was a princess and he was a hero…
They used to meet up at the lake…
They used to watch the world pass by…

The wind was running… making the leafs fly…
Reminding everybody about the season…

Quite loveable I suppose…

“What do tu think the stars are?” the boy asked, breaking the silence…
“hmm… ” she murmured, it’s quite possible that she never thought about...
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The título of this articulo is also a título of a encuesta that i have just read and commented.

So,let get this straight. In my opinion,Flame king IS EVIL. Why? The answer is very easy, simple just that u guys dont notice it, tu guys always see him as a GOODDDDDDD father, he always protects his daughter and wants her to have a decent prince to be with her but DONT U GUYS NOTICE THAT HE KILLED HIS BROTHER TO CLAIM THE THRONE, HE ALMOST KILLED FINN & JAKE, HE WANTED that decent prince was a evil prince so that his daughter could be EVIL like him? And when he found out that prince wasnt evil, he...
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FOTM 12:13

okay I'm just saying this is like my other ones. And por that I mean inception confusing. time difference is revised. But anyway enjoy :) and Merry navidad :D

Finn: Jake tu ready?
Jake: For what bro?
Finn: *looking surprised* tu forgot?
Jake: forgot what?
Jake: How did I forget. Merry navidad bro.
Finn: tu to Jake. *wrapping up the rest of the presents* *sneaks present behind back*
Jake: Hey. Is that your's
Finn: nn-ooo
Jake: Come on Finn don't lie on Christmas.
Finn: *sigh* *mutters under his breath* It's for Flame Princess.
Jake: For who?
Finn: Flame Princess....
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(5,10,1989) dear diary, it had been 5 years since I had been born I could hear mommy and daddy fighting in the other room again probably about me being born again and I understood all of it. I knew about a lot of stuff most kids these many (holds up five fingers) should not know like bebés being born and yucky stuff like that so mommy was mad that because daddy had the spell thing on that made is so he could touch me and mommy 5 years hace then daddy got mommy pregnant so she was mad. even though I don't see daddy a lot I have another daddy named cinnamon bun he is really nice and all but he...
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I manually tallied the votes, and here it is.

best ep:
what was missing - 1
burning low - 1
card wars - 2 (winrar)
the enfriador, refrigerador - 1

worst ep:
red trono - 4 (winrar)
web weirdos - 1

best ship : finname - 4 (winrar)
finnonna - 1
bubbline - 1
fiolee - 1

worst ship:
bubbline - 3 (idk what honorific to put this into)
fiolee - 1
fp/cb - 1

fav char:
finn - 3 (winrar)
fp - 2
jake - 1

most active:
redpanda - 5 (gratz)
derpthatherp - 4

least active:
purplevampire - 2
most of the people who fanned the club - 3 (gratz..?)

most illogical:
dth - 3
ifb - 4 (winrar)
em - 1

least illogical:
tff - 3 ======== | Double
dadadas -...
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