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if I had kids their names would all be transformers puns. Any one have a kid the need to name? I could give tu a fun pun they would have to live with for the rest of their lives o until the payed to have it changed. publicado hace más de un año
A couple of days hace I got DAI for the ps4 since all the new DLC does not come out on the ps3. So I got it all excited to play the DLC and what do I do? The last 2 days I have spent almost 15 hours playing multiplayer. publicado hace más de un año
Zeppie comentó…
Pfft I would do anything to have those DLCs! Get playing them! xD hace más de un año
zasmn comentó…
I definitely did not buy a ps4 just to play them... ok so maybe I did... but I planned to buy a ps4 eventually, I was just going to wait for the used ones to be cheaper. AND TODAY I FINISHED THE GAME!!!! The credits are hilarious (so watch them all when tu get to play the DLC) which did serve to lessen the distress of actually finishing the game. hace más de un año
zasmn comentó…
Its fine, I kind of knew it was a spoiler, but I could not help myself so I watched it anyway. When tu get it, I hope tu really like it! hace más de un año
I just realized me and Sera have the same hair cut. We even have the same hair color. The only difference is my hair is slightly wavy which in turn makes it look less choppy. I need to cosplay her now don't I? publicado hace más de un año
Zeppie comentó…
Yep, it has to happen now hahah hace más de un año
zasmn comentó…
plaidweave here I come! lol hace más de un año
Zeppie comentó…
Hahah I guess so... Still, the día I just naturally look like any character will be so awesome xD I kid tu not, about 2 weeks hace I saw an Alistair look-alike. Not even like "he kinda looks like him". No. This guy COMPLETELY looked like Alistair. Unashamed to say I stared at the poor stranger xD hace más de un año