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ha well everybody was posting poems so it made me want to write one! So here's mine! Whaddo tu think? I just wrote it in like 3 minutos though.

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sexo y sexualidad

Guys?! (Ha o girls) Sexual things to do with your boyfriend?!

17 answers | Best Answer: First of all, I'm going to stamp on the standard di...

Sigh. más consejos please! :(

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consejos please?

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What's the difference between loving someone, and being In amor with someone?

51 answers | Best Answer: In my opinion to be in amor with someone is also to...
star trek

Someone please help me! Well i'm not a fan of estrella Trek but which came out first estrella Wars o estrella Trek?

10 answers | Best Answer: estrella Trek debuted on NBC on September 8, 1966.The s...