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wel the encuesta we are a million behind and the castillo ship keeps increasing so ive dado up on that one. but please keep voting for portrait poll. we can def win that if we all keep voting!! publicado hace más de un año
loveofdelena comentó…
i agree. a few más participants will to vote for us, and we will have it in the bag. hace más de un año
okay guys those were all DE related preguntas that other people asked julie plec last night and the respuestas that she gave them. publicado hace más de un año
arilyn comentó…
Thank you! :) hace más de un año
Q:@julieplec What do tu mean por "emotion based" Elena's feelings aren't real?am i misinterpreting?

A:her 'obeying' his requests. Compulsion is specific. You're told to do, tu do. Sire bond u have illusion of free will. publicado hace más de un año
lovesobrev comentó…
WHAT DOES THAT MEAN hace más de un año