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cinderhill dicho de John Lennon
To go Along with all the other comentarios that I really admired John. He was a wonderful song writer, and a fighter for the underdog. He campaigned for peace. He seemed to be so happy before that dreadful day. I think he would have gone on done different things that tu wouldn't expect of him like he became interested in sailing. John Lennon sailing? Who would have thought that? God bless tu John where ever tu are. tu were so original no one comes near to what tu were. publicado hace más de un año
cinderhill dicho de princesa diana
Princess Diana death and the days after, I have never seen the like before o since. She inspired me to get involved with charity work, and this is now my job. I will never forget her and her influence is still felt. I also think she would have loved the idea that she was to become a grandmother. Diana we will never forget tu . publicado hace más de un año