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I amor disney ornaments and every año the disney Store releases their signature sketchbook ornaments. This year, there was a special line called Fairytale Moments featuring the official 12 princesses as well as Anna and Elsa. I thought to countdown the days before Christmas, it would be fun if we all pick our favorite/least favorito! ornaments in the encuesta section and see which ones the community likes best! Hope tu guys have fun with this! publicado hace 2 meses
I just read DisneyisDaddy's articulo about the DPs being ranked in beauty and I just wanted to ask if this was a parody articulo o not? It's really disturbing in the way it treats women but I don't know if it was a joke o a troll and I just wanted to confirm. publicado hace 7 meses
wavesurf comentó…
^I read it, and automatically wished I hadn't. Best thing to do is ignore. hace 7 meses
asteriamalfoy comentó…
Thank tu for answering and your advice. BTW I am sorry that Scarletunicorn has been coming after you. I hope you're keeping safe. :) hace 7 meses
Watermelonwave comentó…
The articulo was written por scarletunicorn who was making a parody of Layla stepford and audreyfreak for their conservative vistas hace 7 meses
AudreyFreak comentó…
^which is funny, since she's the one who hates Muslims, women, and asians so much like a stereotypical alt righter. hace 7 meses
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